BenQ 1620 writes 4X disk at 12X - meaning?



I ran out my supply of Yuden disks so I used a Memorex 4x to burn a disk. I noticed that DeCrypter showed the burn rate to be 10-12X. I figured this was because I had forgotten to set the rate at 4x and I assumed the disk would be a coaster candidate. I thought I had screwed up but when I played the disk it ran perfectly. What gives? Is this what is called “over speeding”? Why did this work?


BenQ 1620, Pentium IV HP, 1024 RAM, DVD Shrink, Decrypter, Fuji 8X DVD+R (Memorex media), burn rate whatever


quite a lot of media can be over speeded even with standard firmware, thats why its best to set the burn speed instead of leaving it set to max.


It is getting more and more common for burners to overspeed media with oem firmware. I think that the drive manufactures are actually watching and listening to us. They see us overspeeding media with hacked firmware and know thats what we want so that what they give. Same goes for bitsetting, error reporting and all the other stuff we like. It’s too bad more companies don’t develop thier products like that, though with computer parts, I think it is mandatory to stay at the top. They started making overclocking friendly parts because we were overclocking. They made power supplys modular because we were choping up and custom wiring ours. They started putting windows in cases because we were cutting up our cases and putting windows. They started putting a million fan mounts with larger fans in cases becasue we were doing it. They started sleaving wires because we were doing it and so on and so forth. It’s good that they at least try to cater to our wants.