Benq 1620 won't read discs, drive won't open: send back? or can I fix?

So I’ve had this drive for almost a week, and it’s been a little suspect - wouldn’t burn in DVD Decrypter at higher than 8x, nor would it recognize DVD-R (only +R) media, but I thought that might be a Nero conflict (as listed in another thread) and was okay with the slower speed, since I use Nero to burn mix CDs quite often. Well, I was ripping a DVD yesterday and had the option set to automatically burn a copy via DVDDecrypter, and when I got home from work, it had a failure message. It’d only burnt 1% on my “8x Fuji” Taiyo Yuden DVD+R media and put out an error msg. This, btw, was with an OEM drive cross-flashed to B7T9.

I ejected, put a new empty disc in… and the drive didn’t recognize the disc. Ejected, tried another DVD+R, still didn’t recognize it. Restarted, still no good. Then it wouldn’t even open. I’d hit the button and the drive would make a little mini-clicking noise and stay closed. I had to use a paper clip to get the drive to open (though OCCASIONALLY it’ll open after waiting 8 minutes if I hit the button again). No longer reads any media, and multiple firmware flash upgrades/downgrades haven’t helped.

Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any other solutions before sending this back to (where I’d ordered it) for a replacement drive. Any thoughts? Or should I go stock up on postage?

Thanks for any help -Sam

When you cross-flashed the drive did you have media in it? Try this because I had the same problem with my drive when the flash failed on it:

  1. Download B7L9 from BenQ’s website
  2. Restart in Safe Mode, Flash to B7L9 (restart to normal mode after flashing)
  3. Burn one of the TY’s at rated speed
  4. Restart into Safe Mode
  5. Use the official B7T9 flasher and restart once the flashing is done
  6. Try your burn again and the drive should be saved…

Sounds very similar as to what happened to my BenQ as I said previously so I hope this helps.

restart in safe mode – you mean restart windows xp in safe mode? or does the drive have a safe mode that I’m clueless about? if the latter, lemme know, but if the former, I know how to do it. just making sure before I do this - thanks for the quick reply. -Sam

Yep, Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode. :slight_smile:

flashed to b7l9 in safe mode, nothing in the drive, and then restarted, but the drive door still won’t open without sticking a paper clip into the little override hole. and when I put a disc in there, the green light flashes about 30 times and then tells me “no media present in drive.” and then, once again, the drive door won’t open normally - there’s a little clicking noise when it tries to open up. unless I need to do something special while flashing (such as leaving the drive door open), I guess I’ll be shipping it back and going through RMA hell… I doubt the reseller will check the firmware so I should still be cool.

Most likely will be with the new firmware on it, sorry it didn’t fix but that definitely sounds like some sort of mechanical / electronic failure with that particular drive. :frowning:

I had to send my 1st drive back too because of mechanical failure–mostly involving the tray not working and not recognizing disks.

Before you go through the RMA you may want to try booting in DOS with a boot disk and using the dos flasher with a .cvt–probably a long shot but might be worth a try.