Benq 1620 with black bezel?




where can i buy Benq 1620 with black bezel in Europe ?

Thank you.


Not sure about Europe but one thing to keep in mind is that the Nu Technology DDW-163 is a rebadged BenQ which will have OEM firmware loaded. This drive should be able to be cross-flashed through the use of WinDWFlash and .cvt from the unofficial site to a standard BenQ DW1620A Pro… someone can correct me on this if I am wrong. :slight_smile:


The Philips 1640 comes in black OEM in the UK - and the Enlight 1620 has a black Retail version.


You are right BRAXAS, it’s a benq 1620

Check out this link, if you click on FWare (top right) you can see latest possible FW is G7P9. To me this means it is OEM 1620Pro


Hp. _


In romania but I don’t think u re interested
Look at Benq europe and see what dealers are in FRance


The Benq black bezel is most beautiful than the Philips or NuTech.
If you know an online shop that deliver to France, i will go for it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


europe should have the black bezel version

these are the bezels i have from BenQ :bigsmile: :bigsmile:



You asked Benq for coloured bezels ?

and Benq send it to you for free ?



i am in cahoots with benq…lol


what do you mean by “cahoots” ?

i don’t know this word.


Really how did u get those bezels?


i have my sources…:D:D…


Cahoots: A close association usually referring to a conspiracy or non-public agreement. However the term was used in jest, meaning that he just isn’t going to tell us where those bezels come from.

OH, how I want a silver!

I got a black retail BenQ in the mail some time ago. I had ordered it for my own computer as a replacement after knocking several Sony and overly-fragile LG units out of focus. The first time I saw one, I thought it was the ugliest optical drive I had ever seen. It was so ugly that it was cute, like a troll doll. I laughed at it several times, and finally trimmed a paper thin piece of stainless steel to fit perfectly onto the drive door. So, now it looks like an appliance from the 50’s, and fairly handsome in chrome. :wink:

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised and amazed that someone would choose the BenQ 1620 black model just for it’s good (?) looks. Yay! Mind blown=not bored! :wink:


It’s very hard to find a Black Benq in Europe, you may as well travel to Asia or America for one or beg to Eleewhm for one ;). Other similar Black drives are available in Europe, like the Enlight and Philips drives.


In first i want to buy the BenQ DW1620 for its results, but if can have black bezel it would be a plus because i like black in hardware materials.


spray it black??..:D:D