Benq 1620 will only write test disc at 12x

I decided to test some of my bad batch ty002’s on my benq again. Got the same general result as the last time I did it, but I noticed something that I missed previously. It is only creating the test disc at 12x max. What’s going on here?

Important to note that these same disks burn decent on my nec3500 LD V2 B6 at 12x and the test disc I made on the 3500 when all the way to 16x with decent quality. Also I have sucessfully burned some teon mcc003 at 12x on the benq in between my two tests with ty’s on the benq.


Go to options and set writespeed to maximum.

lol…that’s not the issue. already set at max. any other suggestions?

And if you set the speed to Selected and 16x ?

lol Burn them at 12x

it burns test discs at 16x just set to max…but hey it’s worth a shot. will report back in a few.

Did you take a look at the disc info to see if it stated upto 16X speed?

with manually selected 16x…any other suggestions?

these are ty002’s…

Yes but it says 2.4x - 16x ?

like previouly mentioned, these discs will alow me to creat a test disc at 16x on my nec3500…

Hmmm… this is weird.
I don’t know… try to reflash…

if reflash dose not work i think it is rma time

Not yet… if the reflash doesn’t work… try another firmware and also try another burning app. Maybe it’s a Nero CD/DVD issue… who knows.

reflash does not work…going to try another firmware.

What about if you burn in for example DVD Decrypter ?

And your burst rate is 23MB/S?
And your shure your on UDMA 2 in the ide controller?

And you’re using 3.61 of CD-Speed?

I didn’t ask this… as I think spryfly is smart and has checked this already =) so I ruled this out. =)

lol…thanks for the vote of confidence quikiee…but just to answer dsdarli’s question…cd speed 3.61, udma2, burst rate 24mb/s

flashed in safe mode to b7p9 and burnt an actual dvd movie with nero at 16x. took 7:18…ie 12x. i am about to burn an iso iwith dvd decrypter.

You do have a bad batch. What’s the TG # on the disk? 001133?