BenQ 1620, why can't I burn DVD-R ProdiscS03?

I’ve had a pack of 4x DVD-R ProdiscS03 (inkjet printable) and I can never get a good burn when using Nero, burnt at 4x.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve my burning on this media. I still have about 20 discs left :confused:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That scan doesn’t look nice…
But then ProdiscS03 can be really bad media.
(Not to upset our friends in this forum, run qscan at 8x speed next time. :slight_smile: )

In general no POF´s are accepted for a “good” burn.
Are you able to play back this disc at all on your standalone DVD player?

You can try reflash your drive to earlier firmware and/or play around with write strategy swap.

BTW, welcome with your first post. :wink:

I am currently burning Prodisc -R S03 discs because I can buy them cheap and get good, fast, and reliable burns - but not on my BenQ 1620 drive. The BenQ drive will only burn these at 4X, although my results are certainly not anywhere near as bad as what’s shown above.

So far, I’ve gone through three DVD cakeboxes of 50, all purchased at different times, generally with excellent results when burned on my NEC 3500 drive (but so far no printable inkjet ones). I burn them at either 12X or 8X using Dee-27’s latest hacked firmware (recommended). The 12X burn does a CDSpeed scan nearly perfectly in the NEC 3500 for the transfer rate test, but the results are a little bit grungy near the end of the burn for a BenQ 1620 quality scan. However, they seem to work well on all the players that I’ve tried them in. The 8X burns do a CDSpeed scan nearly perfectly for both the NEC 3500 transfer rate test and the BenQ 1620 quality scan test.

I’ve tried to find a strategy swap on the BenQ 1620 for these Prodisc S03 discs. I’ve wasted about a dozen discs and have tried all alternate strategies with B7T9 that peak to 12X, and none of them were any good. Note that -R strategy swapping doesn’t work with the latest B7U9 firmware.

I can’t currently test the latest QScan because I’m running the older B7T9 firmware, but I don’t think you will be able to QScan these discs above their rated 4X unless you do a strategy swap. I don’t believe QScan will allow them to be scanned beyond their maximum burn speed. At least I believe that the older version-1 QScan was limited in this way.

I guess I’m out of luck then on these discs…oh well, I’m sure that I can find someone to donate the rest of these to!

I’m going to stick to TY media from now on :smiley: