BenQ 1620 White tray or Black Tray

Is there a difference in the tray color in the Benq1620, I have read that a black tray reduces jitter and it better. Is this true?

I have read a few posts where people claim the black tray causes less reflection resulting in better burn quality but have never seen a side by side comparison. This is a quote from the Plextor 716A spec sheet on the Plextor web site.
“Black disc tray minimizes jitter and reduces C1 error rates”.

With 1620s the tray is always black anyway!!! I think!

There is a brand new 1620 still in the box retail on Ebay for 24.99 plus 20.00 shipping but it is the beige one, I was just wondering, I already have the 1640 but I wanted to try the 1620 firmware with Quikees tool so I thought I would ask about a difference in the tray.

I have a beige 1620 it has a black tray all BenQ drives have a black tray

I was in edit mode and I added some info from Plextors website in my first post. Really don’t know how much difference it would make, although it would be interesting to see.:wink:

Thanks : Do you know if you can have both the 1640 and 1620 on the same IDE channel without any difficulties.

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes you can. Can also crossflash to 162I (UDMA 3) if you want.

I do, with no problems. :bigsmile:

Thanks Zebadee: I bought it. It was a “buy it now” on EBay Brand New in Retail Box with software and IDE cable. Beige. 24.99 with UPS Ground shipping 44.00 delivered. That means I got a 1640 from NewEgg for 44.00 delivered and this one for 44.00 two BenQs for 88.00, the retail 1620 in Circuit City was 89.00 last week.

Hi :slight_smile:
Great. My 1620 cost me the same as my 1640’s about 3 weeks ago. It’s interesting to compare them. At present only have 2 1640’s & 1 Plextor 716 in my pc as I’m trying to ascertain how much affect if any that has to heat/performance.

I have my 1620 and 1640 on the same channel and have no issues what so ever. QSuite 2 doesn’t like switching from the 1640 to the 1620 but it’s a really minor glitch. I think you will enjoy the 1620 as it is a great DVD writer.:wink:

Now I have 6 drives and only 2 bays. I think I am going to have to build a new tower. I hate to leave my Liteon 1693 and my two Necs 3520 and 3540, and my Lg 4163 on the shelf. I would love to have all of them in one box but at the moment I have to change them out as I want to use them, I have to tell you as for speed and quality its really a close call between the LG 4163 and the BenQ.

Hi :slight_smile:
As you probably know this is down to no support of SB/OS on the 1620. Good news,however is that BenQ have implied that as well as working glitches in relation to QSuite2 & the 1640. It hopes to intregrate the transition to 1620 in a smoother more user friendly fashion.(Obviously no support for SB/OS.)

Bu the BenQ 1620 does overspeed some media on its own doesn’t it. If it doesn’t I can always use MCSE but I think it has overspeeding for a few media codes built in.

Well that is civil of them. Guess I will run out of practice on how fast I can click on the Set Command fail OK button when they fix it.:bigsmile:
@alan1476. Sounds like zabadee and myself are in the same boat as I only have 4 slots and 7 writers which rotate in and out of my machine. Next time I build a rig I will get a case where you can slide the drives in and out to make swapping a little easier (if they make such a case).:slight_smile:

What media codes does the BenQ 1620 overspeed? I keep 6 different media codes on hand. Yuden000-t02-000, TYG02, TYG03, MXLRG03, Maxell002, MCC003, MCC004. The TYG03 and MCC004 are 16x already but I hope it will overspeed the others.

Hi :slight_smile:
Exactly. :iagree:

Do happen to know if any of these are able to overspeed with the BenQ 1620 and what is the latest or best firmware?

For B7U9, B7V9 and B7W9 Stock FW.
TYG03 writes best with TYG02 write strat from my findings so far.:slight_smile: