BenQ 1620, which firmware is best?

Let me start by saying thank you to all the people all responded to my first post.

To the point. I have just received my first 1620 and it came with B7L9

Should I change this and if so why?

One other thing, my computer ( Nero drive info ) is saying that the drive is ATAPI DVD, is this normal



And one more thing

How do i run a disc quality test, in Nero the DVD button is not available, I have version Nero OEM

thank you again



If your drive shows up as sth like “ATAPI___DVD_DD_2X16X4X16_G7P9” (subsitute spaces for “_”) it is the bulk / OEM version, so a G7x9 firmware. Hard to tell whether its useful to update. My bulk drive also came with G7L9 and I updated to G7P9. IIRC it is necessary to update to at least “M” firmware to be able to the PIF disc quality check. So you could go for G7P9 which is quite fine. You could try to find out whether B (=Benq=Retail) firmwares are better than G (=Generic=bulk=OEM), but for the same version I suspect they will behave the same.

If you are more couragious than me, go to B7T9 (the Pro firmware). Not sure whether it will bringt great improvements. IIRC you can go directly from x7L9 to B7T9, but search the threads in this forum to be sure. Also read threads regarding warranty questions if crossflashing to B7x9!

Have fun and good luck.

nice one

Yeah it is G and not B on mine

Is it easy to flash?

Yeah it is a windows program. Going to other versions can be harder, though. Look at for a quite complete version history. If you want to B7T9, there was some trickery. Search the forum and you will find that.

Some caution when flashing:

  1. no disc in drive
  2. some say run Windoze in safe mode. I never did, but some recommend it.
  3. Stop all windows software like DriveSpeed, InCD and so on. Do not run any windows software at all when flashing. It is good practice to do this anyway. Best would be if no background processes run and your system tray is nearly empty.
  4. Do not do that at times of day when there is a high risk of power failures :wink: If you own a UPS, connect it!

Dont know how to revive this drive, for MediaTek drives it is possible, but never heard so regarding benq. Maybe the dos flasher will do that. Maybe not.

So, in short. Be sure nothing accesses the DVD when flashing (like “My Computer”, have that one closed) and your PC does not crash when flashing. But it sounds worse than it is.