Benq 1620 vs benq 1640 - which has better quality burns?


I do only single layer DVD burns and am planning to buy a new DVD burner.
I found the Benq 1640 OEM model priced as the same as the Benq 1620 Pro Retail model at - except latter also had 25pk CD-r and 25pk DVD+r as bonus in the retail package.

Since quality is all that I care about - which is a better burner to buy ?

From 26 different media I have tested in BenQ 1620, ten of them have been tested in BenQ 1640 and I would say the burn quality of BenQ 1620 = BenQ 1640. Burn quality of BenQ 1640 is not better than 1620 and vice versa.

I have the 1620 and the 1640 the only differnece I have seen is I get better burns with Taiyo yuden on the 1640 and the 1620 gives me better burns with the verbatim 16X DVD+R ( but the difference isnt large with the Verbatim, generally 97% quality witht he 1620 and 92% witht he 1640.

When manufacturers are coming with new version of their previously drive already in the market, as generally practiced, they keep the same design and same qulification with minor changes or software changes to modify the fuctions of the drive inorder to improve and enhance it. Therefore we should not expect drastic changes as far as quality of burning concernd between BenQ 1620 and 1640.

After looking at some of the other new drives out there, it’s nice to see that the 1640 is at least equal to the 1620. Some of these other drives seem to take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.

i’d have to say its fairly even however the Pi levels are slightly lower with the 1640 with MCC003 media

That’s still one step forward after all :stuck_out_tongue:


The 1620 has the edge because it overspeeds alot of media whereas the 1640 does not. I have heard rumors of overspeeding with the next firmware update but I will believe it when I see it.

I think the firmware is a bit behind on the 1640 - the drive itself may well be better built with better cooling and design, but it hasn’t really lived up to potential yet. That alone might be a reason to buy a 1640 as the development will likely be for this model in the future.

From what I have seen I would expect the 1640 to be the better drive for -R (in terms of quality) and +/-RW media (in terms of speed and quality).
8x DVD+R DL is not bad either :iagree: