BenQ 1620 vs 1640 vs 1650 CD-R burner and CD/DVD quality scanning tool

I’m searching for a drive - good CD burner and CD/DVD-quality scanning tool. There are any differences between drives 1620, 1640 and 1650 in respect to this application?

Hi :slight_smile:
The 1640/1650/1655 all support SolidBurn ect:
The 1620 doesn’t.
As BenQ original drives like those above are no more. The support too is no longer. So no f/w developement.
As for scanning, CD/DVDSpeed is the general/most used s/w.
BenQ’s are very good with CDR scanning as well as DVD & unlike Lite-On will do all Disc Quality scanning (so include Jitter) in one pass.

Thank You for information.

Well from what I’ve seen personally and other people have said as well the 1640 wasn’t a real good CD burner, not evil like alot of LiteOns though. The 1650 was an improvement although there are better CD burners. As far as scanning I’d rate my drives in this order(from 1st to last) 1640,1650,1620. There’s not much of a drop off between my 1640 and 1650, my 1620s don’t seem to be as good for DVD scanning though. None of them are bad scanners, but I’ll continue to stick to my 1640 for scanning until it dies or something replaces it.

All clear - 1650 or 1655. Regards.