BenQ 1620 v.s. NEC 3500

Which do you think is better? Curious because I notice that the BenQ drive can overspeed media better than the NEC 3500. The quality of burns from the BenQ also seem to be quite good.

If you look in the BenQ forum, there are some long term members and 3500 owners very impressed with the 1620. :cool:

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1620’s got my attention !

On BenQ DW1620 :

Burn No 15:
Format : DVD+R 8X That’s Media
Media : YUDEN000-T02-00 @MAX speed
Software : Nero
Data : ISO file : 4.36 GB
Time took : 5:51…Yeeah 16X…

For comparison here is a That’s TY 02 burned @ 16x on Nec 3500 with Liggy’s beta firmware (I believe beta 7).

If you intend to burn DVD+R discs only, get the BenQ (or Philips, which would be my choice btw.), since it allows you to “overspeed” more media with the stock firmware, and has bitsetting support with the stock firmware also. It currently has a slight edge when it comes to DVD+R burn quality also, but this might change with the next NEC firmware update.

If you intend to burn both formats, definitely go for the NEC ND-3500A, the best allrounder on the market atm (it likes both formats, and produces very good results with a variety of media for both formats). The NEC drive has a slight preference for DVD-R media even, since it allows you to “overspeed” a greater number of DVD-R media than DVD+R.

Both are great choices, as is the Pioneer 108 / A08. And the upcoming Plextor PX-716A looks interesting on paper at least also. But we’ll have to wait and see if all the hype is justified.

Thanks for all the replies everyone :slight_smile:

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