Benq 1620 Upgrade issues!?

Hey all,

I am trying to upgrade my DVD drive here but the firmware prog keeps telling me its the wrong drive!? It is the Benq 1620 but it came with my Shuttle and it says the firmware version on it is the G7K9? Any ideas on this? Cheers and nice to be here for some advice.

no ideas anyone? :S

you need a cvt file format to crossflash to BenQ1620.

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Most OEM BenQ drives come with G firmware while the retail and the rest of the OEM drives are B firmware. You need a .cvt BenQ firmware to switch from the generic to the official; after which you can stay with the official. I can’t find the cvt files anymore as the unofficial BenQ firmware site seems to be down for good but some good samaritan here will most likely point you in the right direction. Read up on flashing and the risks before you proceed.