Benq 1620, unable to detect any of my blank CD-R's?

Yeah so, I just got this today, I don’t have any blank DVD’s so I wanted to go ahead and try it out on a CD-R. However, when I put in a cd-r it just blinks at me for a while and then gives up. I’ve tried TDK, Maxell and Memorex, and it will not detect any of them. :frowning:

I’ve tried updating my firmware to B7P9 (from B7H9) and it does the same thing still. Also, something to note, It will read any of those CD’s that already have been burned with my previous CD burner, along with any manufactuered CD’s/DVD’s

any ideas?

I could not get my 1620 to read any of my Memorex colour discs either, just sat there blinking. I have resigned them from use now. BTW, how long are the discs you have tried. All my failures were with 74m discs.

I have had success with other discs though, namely Samsung 80m and some unbranded 90m ones

I just tried putting in a blank TDK branded (CMC Magnetics) CD-R in my BenQ DW1620. The CD-R is 80min/700MB in capacity length. No problems of any kind. My drive stopped blinking and recognized the disc. Give these CD-Rs a try.

I have used the TDK and all my cd-r’s are the 80Minute 700mb

again I have tried Verbatim, TDK, Memorex, and Maxell.

the drive just ignores these cd-s as if there is nothing in the drive whatsoever.

I can’t see 4/4 being unreadable by this drive when my cheapo lite-on read and wrote to all these media types just fine.


This sounds like a weird problem as I have never heard of this before. Did your drive recognize the CD-Rs before you updated your firmware? If not, then I would start thinking about returning your drive.


What software are you using to “recognize” the cd’s?

Does the green LED stay on or does it go out?

It it goes out, then that means the firmware doesn’t think there’s anything in the drive. If that happens then I’d be inclined to take the drive back for a replacement.

If the light stays on, then the firmware thinks there’s a disk in there. This would seem to indicate some sort of a software driver issue. At this point I might be inclined to take the 1620 to another computer to see if it works OK there.

The light goes out. as if there is nothing in the drive. As I said it just ignores it.

I went and picked up some Memorex 8X DVD+R discs today and the green light stayed on, indicating that the disc is there, but I didn’t get any sort of autorun menu like I would with my old drive.

I’m starting to think I got a bad drive though because I tried to do a burn with “Sonic Recordnow!” (the included software) and Nero, I keep getting this error no matter how I try to burn it. (4x, 8x, or whatever)

“Session fixation error”

My gf already sent the UPC stuff in for a rebate so I’m kind of at a loss on how this could be returned :\

Just another note, My ata control settings seem to be different than what every troubleshooting site out there says should be there.

I have an Nforce2 board so I’m wondering if that factors into this somewhere.

Go to control panel->add remove programs->nvidia drivers and remove the Nvidia IDE driver from the list. This will allow the Microsoft one to take over.

well the nforce2 drivers are used for other things on my system so I just went and put it in another computer and it still does the same thing.

I even tried hooking it up to a power lead with no data cable, still lights up on cd/dvd’s with data on them, but just stays off with blanks…

its a hardware issue. sending it back or replacing it I guess.

That’s what it sounds like to me. :iagree:

By the way, where did you purchase your BenQ DW1620? Also, was it an OEM model or was it the retail model (which exact model do you have)? Thanks.

You can uninstall just the IDE driver - it will give you that option before the uninstall proceeds (a GOOD idea in my opinion).

One way or the other it sounds like this burner needs to go back for a replacement.

Good Luck!

my gf got it for me for christmas, from tiger direct (I hate tiger direct and I refuse to order from them) but she is RMAing it. So they already sent out the replacement, it should be here in a couple days, I’ll keep ya updated. :slight_smile:

to answer socrates007, it was retail, and the exact info on it is Benq DVD DD DW1620
it came with the firmware version B7H9

anyways, waiting on the new drive to arrive, we’ll see how that goes :slight_smile:

Good for her! The replacement should be a LOT better!

So far, my 1620 has recognized and burned every bulk CD that I’ve thrown at it. The only thing that I like to do is to slow the CD burn speed down to 24X. They seem to work fine at 40X, but my scans are cleaner at 24X. I loan the discs to other people, so I like to make sure.

Mind you I use the cheapest, bulk CD media I can find - so your mileage may vary!

In response to : my gf got it for me for christmas, from tiger direct (I hate tiger direct and I refuse to order from them) but she is RMAing it.
You’ve just found the good and the bad of that particular vendor. Their packing consists of plastic bags full of air. This causes frequent damage to optical drives. However, the BenQ is least shock sensitive of all the DVD writers. Oh, and Tiger will let you return anything if you call during normal business hours when managers are present. That’s the good part. No reason to hate them exists; but, in the future, just don’t order breakables. :wink: I had to return many large boxfulls of computer parts that had shipping damage and they paid the shipping both ways with no complaint.

Anyway, given that rough shipping is the only available option, be sure to test the output of your 1620 in a cranky DVD player or test some of the discs in another computer to make sure that it was not knocked out of spec by UPS (pronounced “Oops”). It would be very difficult to knock a BenQ out of spec (due to superior auto focusing technology), but it is not impossible.

yeah so here we are, half a year later, and the stupid drive is busted again. :frowning:

refuses to burn DVD’s at all, gets up to about 60% and dies no matter what I try to burn, be it game backups or just general data backups. So, I give up, I’m buying something else with my own money when I get some extra cash laying around. This is torking me off.