BenQ 1620 to 1625 works!


Just flashed my 1620pro to 1625 with the cvt file. Everything ok.

For the Scans I used BenQ 822.
The MCC003 is burned at 8x, max speed available.
The MCC004 at 16x

Brave man… :iagree:

I’ll also try it out when I’m back home.

Great findings!

Hmm, too bad MCC003 max @8x only…

Careful pinto2. :wink:

Don’t blame me if you can’t get 5:19 anymore after this. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: I warned you. :iagree:

The question is not can you make 1620@1625, its not even will burn media that way. The question is will it burn lightscribe disks or not. See thats why 1625 was built with a rumoured new power head so i could burn lightscribe disks, I see no point in crossflash to 1625 with less -R burning speed then a 1620 if cant do lightscribe.

Heh he… I’m not worried. This drive has survived alnearly 200 flashes until now, with all kind of firmwares… and I think it will manage one more. :smiley:

But thanks for the warning anyway. :bigsmile:

@KenW, do you say 1625 uses new PUH compared to 1620…

pinto2 > You have any LS discs to try?


I have been told that 1625 is 1620 with new power head with better laser just for LS burning, im not suprised that it could crossflash and that it could burn +R and i guess its rated to -r 8x and 2.4x +R DL . But if its true that the unit has better laser then 1620 then the whole point of flash is lost. I hope you see what I mean. If we could have proof it can burn LS disk then the crossflash might be do-able.

some results with ls discs would be fine. Is it possible to burn ls discs with the benq 1620 @1625?

I understand. Would be nice if it worked for LS discs though

aAso try the HP 640c and Phillips DVDR16LS Firmware as they are based on the BenQ 1625 and all cross flash.

LS will not work.

Cross flashing was already tried out 4 weeks ago:

nice but can it burn a image on the lightscribe surface??

No. The 1620 doesnt have the hardware for LS.

You most likely know the answer to this as you have so much experience with different firmwares. I have been disappointed with the current 1620 firmware’s results with -R. Is there a better choice for -R or should I stick with +R?


chas: what -R have you used with the 1620? If it’s really cheap, generic stuff, have you tried disabling WOPC?

  • Jie

Any of the stuff in my sig. other than the G05. Also, from what I have read, disabling WOPC should only increase speed and might cause a worse burn. Am I missing something?

Scans are here:

Well, according to QSuite and pinto2, disabling WOPC can help increase the success rate of burning poor quality DVD media.

  • Jie

I remember someone mentioned that LS uses a laser unit different from a DVD burning laser. I don’t think it’s not even worth trying to burn a LS disc.

BTW, how about thinking of the reverse flash? If an 1625 owner wants faster -R or DL burn, can 1620 firmware be a help?