BenQ 1620 tips?



Hi guys, i got a BenQ 1620 drive, in replacement of a defective optorite DD0405. Having not really heard that much about BenQ i questioned its functionality.
When media is idle in this drive, the LED (green) is always on. And when i checked my drive through dvd-decryp[tor it tells me ATAPI DD DVDRW. Not that im having problems with it, i just burned a DVD-r data disc just now, its fine. Im trying a movie burn now. My product wasnt in a box, just a plastic cover, with software. Is this an OEM drive?? and would i need to flash to retail (as i read a post about that). also write speeds, although discs are x8, i get x12 option?
So i guess im asking u guys at the BenQ forum to let me know what you all think of this drive!..thankx guys, SasArchiver


Ive been doing some looking around, and i think this drive is a IOmagic! i seen here Only cos of the idstring…Anyone know of the best version of FW for this model?? thnkx again, sasarchiver


how do you know its a benq 1620 and what firmware version is it?
if its a 1620 I am sure you will find plenty of information and answers to your questions by using the search function.


On the top of the drive, model/serial number etc, tells me Benq 1620 with FW G7Z9. But when i searched this drive via google, it should have BenQ written on the front, this one doesnt. And it my bios it tells me ATAPi DVD DD 2x16x4x16. So with further googling i found it to be IOmagic (i think). So im a bit stuck on which drive this is, especially when it comes to upgrading FW??


its a benq. search for info on retail vs oem firmware. plenty of good info here in forum. bottom line is, if you change drive to retail version of firmware it will show up in device mangler as a benq1620.


hey cmisenko, thanks for the info. Although i have a OEM drive, will upgrading to retail give me any advantages?? also, what is a cvt file? why not update with the FW.exe? From the posts ive been reading, i need to use WINdwFlash.exe plus FW.cvt? Just abit confused with this drive is all, thanks for ur advice…sasarchiver


The retail firmwares allow you to use the disc quality scanning in Nero CD/DVD Speed and some BenQ utilites like QScan also the retail firmwares are the most up to date, the OEM firmware G7Z9 is quite old now try flashing B7T9 to the drive its not the latest 1620 firmware B7U9 is but the jury is still out on that one so to speak.

You cant cross flash with BenQ’s own tools thats why you need to use the .cvt file and the other flash program.


And if you don’t want to cros flash then I say find G7P9 and flash to it. Z is not the best firmware. You might even be able to do a quality scan with G7P9. here’s a place for frirmware and cross flashing.


ok, so in order to flash it to B7T9, i just run the BenQ B7T9 firmware? will this work with it not being recognized as a BenQ 1620? or do i use the winflash thing first??
sorry to seem stupid but i just cant get my head round this lol
So i need to cross flash with the cvt file using the winflash proggie. i think ive got it. I have updated firmwares b4, even changed my liteon 401s to a 811s, but just abit confused lol … sasarchiver thanks for support guys.


Yes use the winflash - link below. and the B7TP cvt link below and after that you should be able to flash back and forth in the b series with official exes. Just make sure it’s pointed to the right burner when you flash this. Your burner will then show up as a BenQ. Make sure you have no media in the burner when you flash it and turn aff any other programs that you can.



Thanks Hef, you explained that well :slight_smile: Thanks for your help…sasarchiver


On my nero info tool page…it reads bottom of the page…Dvd Features (1) CSS checked
(2) CPRM not? anyone know why this is so.??