BenQ 1620 Temperature Sensitive?



Anyone besides me noticed that scan quality seems to go down (PIE and PIF counts go up) when burning several discs one right after another?
Sometimes I burn 5 or 6 discs in one sitting, and it seems the quality goes down some by the time I burn the 4th or 5th disc.
Is this unique to my 1620, or is it common?


My first DW1620 had have this problem. I could write only one DVD. I have RMA’d it. My second drive works fine without temperature problems (for 3 weeks. then RMA). My third drive is no temperatur sensitive, too, like the second one.
I think your drive could be broken.


A lot of drives are temperature sensitive. Even LiteON recommend leaving your drive for a few minutes after burning a disc before you burn another. If you are really worried about heat install a fan underneath the drive.


I’m not really worried about heat, just burn quality. :slight_smile:


Well heat does effect burn quality on most drives.


I believe heat can effect burn quality. but like Quakester2000 says all drives (not just BenQ) will probably burn better quality discs when they are cool. IMO


ive burnt nnumerous dvds non stop, record is 40 in a day and half cause i need to get free ware out to my colleges…
all of them turned out fine…darn…didnt check the pi/pif
however they all seemed to work though


i don’t think the problem is burning several dvds in a row.

i think the problem is when you have had your computer run for a long time and the heat builds up and then you go to burn a dvd.

things seem to run smoother when you just turn on your computer and start burning.


i see…i have my computer overclocked from stock of 1.6 to 2.0 and usually my compouter is on all the time (parents triend to kill my computer) to do modelling and docking of molecules, so in theory its 100% full load…i usually interupt it to burn and stuff and everything tunrs out fine…
I think burning quality is really determine on drive and hard-drive data transmission, usually before i burn i shut down everything i was doing nothing runs, sometimes winamp, then i let it burn after being of for x days with docking…
i realised if you space out your drives its helpful, ive left an opening underneath my benq and removed the spaces’ faceplate …helps with air flow…also ive removed my side panels…
but thats my suggestions…also avoid using themes and av’s if you plan to burn and avoid restarting your compl (flushes alot of crap and stale programs out of memory)