Benq 1620 speed

I currently have Benq model #1620 with B7T9 firmware. I use Sonic RecordNow and Nero to burn data to DVD-R. My question is I only can write 8X on my 8X DVD-R dics at the most. I heard that I can write 12X or up to 16X on 8X DVD-R discs. Do I need updated firmware? Please help. Thanks.

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Not all 8x rated media can be burned at higher then it’s rated speed…

Identify media code of your discs, download ala42´s MCSE and a copy of your current firmware. Load firmware in MCSE to get all possible write speeds for your media.


BTW, there is no need to “update” your firmware the first thing you do.

Are there any 8X media which can write up to 12X or 16X without the need of download MCSE ? Thanks.

Yes, I can do it with Fuji 8X made in Japan. Will burn at 12X and 16X.

Just click this link.
Note, your compu won’t blow up… :smiley:

BTW, all Taiyo Yuden 8x media can be burned at 12 and 16x on stock firmware.

At 16x the TY’s turn out pretty bad.