Benq 1620 speed problem

after long long thinking i finally bought benq 1620 oem. burned one dvd, tested it with nero cd-dvd speed and all ok. i think the burning and testing was a bit on the slow side (burning at 8x with tdk dvd-r 8x ttg02 and testing max at 4x with speed setting at maximum). then i decided to crossflash to b7t9. i had now full benq retail and was happy as hell. until i ran cd-dvd speed again. dunno how the burning thing is now, but the testing speed is now something like 0.25x. tried flashing to b7p9, but results were the same. i guess it should read with 16x not 0.25x :frowning: anyone have any ideas why it could be so wrong? should i flash it back to oem? :confused:

aspi says corrupted, but supposedly nero has own. should i try to reinstall it anyway?
i used nero for burning, nero cd-dvd speed 3.40 for testing
i have dma enabled
non nforce chipset

Download v3.61 and you can scan with 16x

nvm with the 16x scanning. even the older version should scan faster than 0.25x. besides, if the old version is the fault here, then why i was able to scan at 4x first time and 0.25x later?
anyway, thanks for the tip. i’ll try the new cd-dvd speed version when i get back from work.

I had the same problem not long ago and fixed it:

Made some research and here is what I did:

  1. I updated my registry in order to enable UDMA
  2. Installed ASPI (it was corrupted apperently)

So now I was able to burn the same media in 6 mins


aspi still says corrupted, but with cd speed 3.61 i can scan at 4x and higher.
thx cdfreaks :bow:

Use google to download force aspi, or download it from here . Clear aspi install and install aaspi alyer again.