Benq 1620 scans, help



I used Sony dvd-r, media code is SONY08D1, its a brand new benq 1620 with originial fw, this is the first dvd i’ve burnt. i used dvd shrink to burn it because i have nero installed so dvd shrink just did everythin so i dont know how to tell what speed it was burnt at, i believe 6x, which brings up my first question the dics says 1x-8x so why didnt it do 8x? 2nd question the quality disc test with the PIF, PIE only went at like .54x even though i had the speed set at 4x, whats up with that? and last question are these scans any good or terrible?


The first thing I would do would be to get a current firmware. B7H9 has to be almost original. Then try a new burn from there.

Then get a new version of CDSpeed so you can enable PIF scanning. I am guessing on this so apologies if you are current and you firmware is the culprit.


is that a bad scan then or is it just slow?

i downloaded the cd speed that was at the top of the list so its gotta be the most current, what firmware would you suggest, does it matter?


No, it is not bad. I would guess your speed problem and the lack of PIF ability have to do with the ancient firmware. I use B7V9 and it works for the media I use in the BenQ (see my sig.). Generally the newest firmware has the best chance of a good burn, but there are some exceptions. It usually is not worth the time or effort to go looking for the best unless you get problem burns. Some people feel B7T9 is the most reliable. BTW, most BenQ 1620s do best with +R or with TYG02 -R.

As always, read carefully all instructions when you update firware. You can really trash your drive if you do it incorrectly.



Is this the system that you just installed the 80 gig hard drive in?

If so - that system has a very old processor and not very much ram - if I remember correctly - and probably a 250 watt power supply-

Well the bad news is that the 1620 is a power hog and your system is too slow - so you can expect less than steller performance from your burner-

(btw - IF you really want help - you should list all the components of your 'puter and the operating system - see mine below for some ideas or chas0039 above)



gateway desktop performance 1000
200-Watt Power Supply
Quantum 20-GB 4500-RPM Ultra 100 Hard Disk Drive orignial harddrive
hitachi deskstar 7k250 80gb harddrive
512mb ram
Intel (Fedora) motherboard Pentium III - 1000-MHz
windows xp home edition service pack its 5.1.2600 service pack 2 build 2600
benq 1620 master
cd burner (dont know the brand) slave


yea i kno about the media i should use now, only reason im using the sony dvd-r is because my sis went out and bought them before i knew anything about it. what firmware would be best for just overall use of everything, like i dont want blazin speeds but a little faster wouldnt hurt


B7T9 or B7V9.


ted1085, that scan must have taken forever at 0.57x speed!!! You should defanatlly update your firmware. Not only might it improve burning but it should improve your scanning too (it should allow pif scanning and scanning at 4x with newer firmware). The limit for pi falures is 280 when scanned at 8ecc (which your drive is doing) and at 4x (your errors may be higher when rescanned at 4x). Even though your errors are probably reporting a little low because of the slow scan speed, it is still well under limits and the transfer rate test is nice and smooth. You will be able to tell a lot more accuratlly with beter firmware to beter enable cdspeed though (and you can scan at 4x so it will only take about 15-16 minutes).
I have to know, how long did it take to scan a disk at 0.57 speed???


i think an hour, i hit start and just played some nhl 2005 and watched tv till it was done.

hahah ok well heres my next problem and rather then create a new post ill put it in here…im no expert but i think i can go ahead and credit this next problem to my power supply, i was trying to copy anchorman, in dvd shrink i checked off perform deep anaylisis and the best compression option right under, knowing it would take forever i was doin this right before i went to bed so that when i woke up everything should be finished and it should be asking me to pop in a blank dvd to copy, well i woke up and turned the screen on to find that my computer had shut it self down and i couldnt start it back up because of some error, on the screen said something about an error like “drivers.sft” not found, now im not completely sure that .sft is correct, i didnt right it down i was in a hurry for work, but it said hit esc so i did and then another screen came up saying something to the effect of like a newly configured hardware may have cause this and the computer was shut off to save files or something like that again in hurry for work, but at the bottom it had restart computer in safe mode, safe mode with netwark card, safe mode with command prompt, or star windows with best last known configuration, or start windows normally, tried all them when i hit enter on a option the computer just tried to restart get to the gateway symbol and you hear these beeps coming from the tower and then it would just go back to that screen with what options to start the computer, it wouldnt go back to that first error screen i saw. i know i probably need to have the exact message but im posting this know because maybe some one knows what the message said and can just give me some options of what might have happened and how to fix it, thanks for all the help!!!


i got a quick question about updating firmware, tried searching the forum i couldnt find what im askin, but if i go to the offical site and download the .zip file, i just need to unzip those files and open the .exe file and that will do what it needs to do and my firmware will be updated?


Yes, as simple as that.


Hi, im a newbie too, however, I think the Drive must be in Slave and without any Disc… but this is the way that a friend of mine did with his LG Burner, dont know if its general with all Drives… I also have a 1620 Benq and want to update the firmware… so is someone can give a link with the Instructions or can explain will be appreciate… I have Read that the B7V9 firmware its very good. so i guess ill be istalling this version.

ted1085 sorry for asking this in your thread, but i think we have the same request, so why doing a new thread… Later


This is going to be a long long shot… :wink:

Anyway, you should try Safe Mode first. If the Safe Mode windows sucessfully appears, restart again and tell us what happen (that’s after you got back home from work i believe).


i tried every option(safe mode, safe more with a netwark card or something to that efffect, safe mode with command prompts, restart with last best known configuration, restart normally) none of them worked


any truth to what he said?

no probablly thats a good idea for posting here, if wrong someone can correct me but go the offical benq website, download the zip file for whatever firmware you want, unzip the files, run the .exe program and it should do what it needs to do and the firmware should be updated.

i can give more detailed instructions when i get my computer started up and try this myself but as you can read its not starting up right now lol so if you would like to wait til i try then feel fry but i think i got the instructions right.


ok the error message is missing or corrupted file - system32\drivers

so i went to windows explorer and the file is in there? what should i do?


the media is sony dvd+r, media code is sony d11, i believe burned at 8x

ok here are the new scans after updating the firmware, will it get better once i get a more power supply?


sorry… i get confused. The way that a friend of mine updated the firware was in another way. He said that the Drive must be in the Second IDE port with No slave Driver… thats the he gto instructions, but maybe thats for LG Drives…


Hey ted… What the hell is wrong with this scan?:confused: You have a 98 score and thats great. But what spead did you burn at when you did the create data? Also when you do the Qual scan, set it to 8X!