Benq 1620 ritek R03 burns extremely inconsistent

I have a retail benq 1620 with firmware B7U9. Running it in a shuttle SB75s system with a P4 2.4C and 1gb of RAM.

I get extremely inconsistent burns with Ridata branded Ritek R03 media. I got a 100 pack of these media, and while max PIF is almost always below 8, the average PIE can vary from 25 one one disc to 300 on the next!
I have tried firmwares B7S9, B7T9, and B7U9, and all give similarly inconsistent results.

I always run Qscan before burning, and the scans look pretty inconsistent too. Quality control issue with the media? Any ideas?

Probably the quality of the media but do other media give inconsistent results e.g. Taiyo Yuden, Prodisc etc.

unfortunately i have not tried… the drive is pretty new and this is my 1st batch of media i’m using with it. i’ll get some other media and see.

This may be a hunch, but does drive temperature significantly affect burn quality?

It shouldnt unless its a furnace inside your PC : )

I have my 1620 sandwhiched between two other burners & never had a problem with heat, & your XPC is probably running cooler than my PC.

I also have spool of 100 Ridata Ritek R03’s (from Supermediastore). PIF’s are always nice and low with quality scores of 96 or 97% at 8x or 12x. PIE’s on the other hand usually average between 40 and 200, with totals at about 1.5 million. So far they play just fine, but use my TY’s for anything that I really care about.

PS I tried some write strategy swapping which always resulted in more PIF’s and the same or more PIE’s.

Yes, i also got mine from Supermedia store. Guess it’s the media, not the drive.

I have the same R03 Ritek DVD+R media, and a OEM 1620.

So far I’ve had no problems with P9 f/w, but I’m a bit cautious about upgrading from there.

Are you getting equal quality/speed burns with this media on the 1620 with T9 or U9?

I’ve only tried S9 and T9 and they were the same.
Can you post a scan of your P9?

Here ya go…and it’s not good. :frowning:

Dynex 8x DVD+R (Ritek R03-002)

AMD Athlon64 2800+
WD 1600 HD x2 Mast/Slv IDE1
BenQ OEM 1620 (I/O Magic) Mast/IDE2
BTC OEM 1008IM (Micro Advantage) Slv/IDE2
512MB PC3200 DDR
WinXP Pro

I picked up the 1620 and if I scan the Ritek G04 disc it says it will burn fine at 4x. If I burn it at 4x and reinsert it in the drive it won’t even recognize it. My NEC 2500 burns them just fine and the 1620 can test it after for PI/PO who knows why it can’t read it if it burns it itself.