BenQ 1620 + Ritek G05

Hi there, just ordered a BenQ 1620, just wondering if my left over G05 DVD-R’s will be any good with this drive or should I forget them and buy some Verbatim? Obviously I will try them, thought i’d ask first anyway.


It depned on the brand. I have some traxdata and no probleme with it. Of course I have a little more PI and PIF than with a TY or an MCC, but still OK.

I havent had any major problems with Ritek G05 as long s the media is good you should’nt have a problem.

I have a batch of A & B grade Ritek G05 discs, with B7T9 the A grade burn fine but the B grade not so good, but with B7U9 the B grade is much better and the A grade got a small improvement also.

These are Piodata 8x DVD-R G05’s.

You can go for the Platinum or Ritek brands.

Just happened that I bought some Ritek G05 today (in the form of 8x Traxdata discs) - never bought DVD-Rs before, but didn’t find any DVD+Rs so took those. The scan was made with a G7N9 firmware which was preinstalled on the drive. Later today will try to upgrade my drive to B7T9 (don’t wanna mess with B7U9) and hope there will be (and we all will see a difference :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry some words are in Russian on a screenshot, don’t think that will be a problem though :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, so I flashed my 1620 to B7T9, and now for results. They have clearly improved, but still any quality DVD+R will beat is. So no DVD-Rs for my 1620 anymore. But still no trash either

P.P.S. Forgot to add that both disks were written at 4x and not at 8x because of qscan’s Smartscan advice. Now I begin to think that I should’ve burned them at 8x anyway, probably the results would be better, will let you know, if the results would be much better. BTW the first post in that thread is also about Ritek G05

You should use B7U9 kvman much better I found for RITEKG05.

LOL, I was pretty happy with my dusty G7N9 until today for months, and now 2 upgrades in 1 day, I should ask my drive about it. Many people say something is rotten in B7U9, that can’t be fixed with downgrade, so I think I will wait (of course if I had lots of G05 I would thankfully listen to your advice 8T8, but I have only 8 of them now, and I think B7T9 will be more than enough for any semidecent DVD+R, which I plan to use in the future).

And yes, the results with B7U9 and the same media I’ve used (Traxdata 8x DVD-R) can be great (here btw nice review (in russian, but images say it all) with lots of cheap media used)

Will B7U9 work with the retail 1620 as I see the retail and OEM are different according to benQ’s website?

b7xx (b7u9 included) ARE for retail Benqs, so yes it will work, OEM Benqs (like mine) have g7xx firmware but still can be flashed to b7u9 using special windwflash utility.

P.S. BTW I wrote another one Ritek, that time at 8x speed and got low PIE average of 57, but PIFs were much higher than at disks that were written at 4x speed and they were at around 0.5 average, so I’m interested what to choose low low PIEs or low PIFs.

Usually the answer is low PIFs. Especially between 0.06 and 0.5 avg.

But your case is a little bit marginal because your PIE (Max 426) is pretty close to (or already above) the red line (But low PIF is a relief). I don’t know how many G05s you have burned, but I recommend you to keep an eye on it and check their quality regularly.

ARGH! just got it, was under the impression it came with both a beige and black fascia, nope, just beige. It looks quite stupid in my black Chieftec Dragon, quite dissapointed really, atleast it burns great.

Here where I live you need to pick color when ordering, either black og beige version. You don’t get both unfortunately.

“Benq DW1620 16x16x Double Layer DVD R/RW - Retail Box With Beige & Black Fronts”

Quite misleading description though dont you agree?

Totally misleading!!!

Sure - misleading marketing. Call the store and threaten them until they send you a black bezel :p.

Already have:p I wanted the black OEM version anyway but had to change my order because of stock issues, even though when I ordered it; it was in stock. :confused:

Thanks jk. I also think I will go with low PIFs, in hope they will carry me out :slight_smile:

Ritek 05 disks rock!!! especially on my philips with the sony top disk straturgy :stuck_out_tongue: