Benq 1620 ripping speed disappointing



I just got on IOMagic deal and got BENQ 1620 drive, flashed it to t9 firmware.
The ripping speed of the drive seems quiet slow compared to my previous Liteon 812 drive. It took 1hr and 27 min to backup a movie on Verbatim 16x media. The maximum rate that I got during ripping was around 1900kb/s. The Liteon was at least 2 times faster at ripping.


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Switch on DMA and try again.


The drive is in UDMA2 mode. It just replaced the Liteon 812s for good or not


What rate do you get with cdspeed burst rate test ? Are source and target drive on different IDE busses ?


Remove both Primary and Secondary IDE channels. Boot into BIOS and verify that all devices are detected and set to AUTO. Reboot and recheck transfer speed using Nero CD/DVD Speedtest. Make you you have AnyDVD running in the background so you can read DL DVD media. Obtain AnyDVD from


It took me around 6-7 min rip a single side movie last night.


Most DVD drives will rip a full 2 hr DL DVD movie in 10 to 12 min (riplock removed).


I guess you are talking about “write” to DVD for 6-7min.
I am using dvdshrink. The first thing the software does is to create image on the HD (ripping), this part takes about twice as long as it used to with the Liteon and 1900kb/s was what the program was showing as a transfer speed.
I am assuming the Liteon firmware had a riplock removed and was reading dual layer DVDs much faster.


1900 KB/sec is just 1.5x speed, so something in your config is wrong. Have you checked the burst rate ?


There is only one drive, dvdshrink is the software. The drive is master on the second IDE channel. Tried to use nero’s cd speed but got errors that the drive is reading scrambled sectors without authorization. The starting read speed before the error was 3.3X


My main question is about t9 firmware - is the riplock enabled or disabled ? is there any “fixed” firmware with riplock disabled for this drive ?


Ok I ripped a single layer full DVD and it took a litttle over 9.5 minutes ripping up to 7.7x speed.


What version firmware do you have on your Benq drive ? What ripping software are you using ?


The drive is not rip locked in the first place. The fact that it started out at 3.3X is the key for that. Most locked drives max out at 2X.

Here is the brand new B7U9 so there is no patched firmware for riplock or RPC1 or anything. This is the log from DVD Decrypter.

11:11:34 Source Device: [3:1:0] BENQ DVD DD DW1620 B7U9
11:11:34 Source Media Type: DVD-ROM
11:11:34 Source Media Region Code: 1
11:11:34 Source Copyright Protection System Type: CSS/CPPM
11:11:34 Destination File: F:\HARRY_POTTER_SORCERERS_STONE.ISO
11:11:34 File Splitting: Auto
11:11:34 Detect Mastering Errors: No
11:11:34 Remove Macrovision Protection: Yes
11:28:41 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:17:06
11:28:41 Average Read Rate: 7,580 KB/s (5.5x) - Maximum Read Rate: 10,854 KB/s (7.8x)

Size: 7,964,377,088 bytes
Physical Format Information (Last Recorded):
Book Type: DVD-ROM
Part Version: 1
Disc Size: 120mm
Maximum Read Rate: 10.08Mbps
Number of Layers: 2


Thanks , this evening I will try dvd decrypter and u9 firmware, hopefully it is not the drive itself. I am becoming a litle suspicious after reading posts about benq oem drives since my came out of IOMAGIC box and was OEM (no BENQ logo ).


The BenQ should do better than 9 min with a good SL DVD media. 6 to 7 min would be the norm.

My NEC 3500 starts at 6.5X with a max speed of 16X. Note that with scratched media, most drives will reduce the read speed.


How do you remove riplock on a BENQ 1620? There isnt any to begin with is there?


You don’t have RIPLOCK if the read speed for DL media starts at 3X.


If you use CD Speed and do the Interface Burst Rate test [f6] and you get 22 MB/s or higher then that eliminates the ide controller to drive as a problem.

And if you have’nt already try a few other dvd’s as well. You may well be trying a DVD that has applied a new protection scheme of scrambled sectors or bad sectors that is supposed make ripping more dificult. And Shrink’s slow speed may be caused by the constant retry’s to read those sectors. The latest Resident Evil is one of them.

OR you may want to forget all this rubbish and get a dvd-rom instead to rip.

12:38:39 Source Device: [3:0:0] AOPEN DVD1648/AAP 1.07
12:38:39 Source Media Type: DVD-ROM
12:38:39 Source Media Region Code: 1
12:38:39 Source Copyright Protection System Type: CSS/CPPM
12:38:39 Destination File: F:\HARRY_POTTER_SORCERERS_STONE.ISO
12:38:40 File Splitting: Auto
12:38:40 Detect Mastering Errors: No
12:38:40 Remove Macrovision Protection: Yes
12:49:50 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:11:10
12:49:50 Average Read Rate: 11,608 KB/s (8.4x) - Maximum Read Rate: 16,630 KB/s (12.0x)


I ripped a store bought porn disk in the 6-7 min range. The 9.5 min one was a copy of a movie.