Benq 1620 Recommended Media?

What media is the best with the Benq 1620? (OEM bulk drive flashed to offical Benq firmware)


Any specifc brands to use/avoid?

Just looking for something for decent all around use.

mcc003 is more consistent

ProDisc, sold under Smart Buy 8X +R, is apparently good and can be oversped to 12X. I use MXL RG03…very good media.



I’m using Datawrite DVD+R 8x Orange (MCC 003 dye) at the moment and I think they are great for the price. But I remember seeing OC-Freak once pissed off about 400 of Datawrites (if memory serves me well :slight_smile: ) that he couldn’t use (weren’t Orange, but still :eek: ). I can burn mine fine @12X - so, I guess, it’s not about brand.

Always take a couple of them as a sample if you can. Buy +R media if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Verbatim has great media here (no matter what kind of packing) and can be found at low price.

never had any problems with verbatim :slight_smile:

Someone has to mention TY. That’s all I use right now.

I like Ty, Maxel and belive it or not my best scans to date have come from …Teon+R discs from Staples!

I found teon MCC003 to be good scans but often I would see glitches…
So the cheapo teon maybe not be the best…I hear the teons are now CMC +r and not always MCC003

MCC003 as verbatim are good

Personally I use and prefer the TY02 8x dvd+r and many find TG02 8x dvd-r are excellent

TY +r/-r are found as Fuji, Sony,TDK made in japan 8x dvd…in most cases

Any genuine TY disc does well,

PRODISC R03 8x DVD+R burns very well at 12x and consistently good though that might depend were you get the media from but I havent encountered a bad batch yet

TT G02 8x DVD-R has also been pretty good for me.

DAXON AZ2 8x DVD+R branded as BenQ also burns well at 12x

Philips 4x DVD+R’s are pretty good CMC Magnetics F01 media, they go for dirt cheap in the US at least too. Can get 100 at TigerDirect for like $29.99.

Other brands that are safe are Ridata 4x DVD+R’s (These are typically RicohJPNR01 and are an awesome media code for the BenQ 1620), Taiyo Yuden is generally a safe bet, Made In Japan Fuji Film packs are Taiyo Yuden as well.

If you want the best burns these are what I’d stick with and obviously as mentioned the Verbatim media is damned good. :slight_smile: Even some of the Optodisc 8x DVD+R’s seem to be good but they can vary greatly in quality so you are using them knowing that going in.

Recommended media (borrowed from Plextor site):

DVD+R: Mitsubishi chemicals (MCC003 8x, MCC004 16x), TY T02 (8x), MAXELL002 (8x), and RICOHJPNR02 (8x). RICOHJPNR02 is not that great in my opinion.

DVD-R: Mitsubishi (MCC02RG20 8x, MCC03RG20 16x), TYG02 (8x)–very nice on BenQ 1620–, TDK TTG02 (8x) and Maxell.

I’ve found that these do indeed burn very well on the 1620 - and they produce a near perfect 8X overburn. Also, they are perhaps the most inexpensive +R discs available that actually do produce a quality burn.

But I don’t use them anymore because of the following two issues:

  1. They’re labeled with big black writing on the the top which makes it a bit difficult to find space to write your own information (particularly bad if you’re writing six AVI movies to the same disc and you need most of the room to write all the names down :cool: )
  2. They only overburn to 8X and not 12X (yeah, I know - I’m a bit greedy :bigsmile: ).

I’ve found that 8X +R SmartBuy Prodisc R03 discs burn just as clean at 12X on the BenQ 1620 as the Philips discs do at 8X. The company label on the top is mostly transparent so you can easily write over top of it. However, they are slightly more expensive than the Philips discs.

IMO use Verbatim 16x DVD+R’s (MC004). My past 8 burns have all had a 99% quality score. Oh and i use B7P9 fw. Excellent media!