BenQ 1620 rebooting XP



I have a Benq 1620 IDE that keeps rebooting my XP machine whenever I put in a CD or DVD. If I put in a blank CD or DVD it’s okay (doesn’t reboot). Has anyone got any insight into this problem? Thanks much in advance…


What burning and dvd software have you installed.


Using Nero 6.x, but problem occurs right at system bootup or when I insert a disc into the drive after bootup, never even have a chance to startup any burning software. If I use a blank disc instead, no problem. Can startup Nero and burn, no problem. Only when it’s an already written or original disc does the rebooting happen. Thanks for the response by the way…


I gues it’s a software conflict. Is packet writing installed with nero, any other dvd software like power dvd or so. Also chcck your aspi layer with aspi chack, search with google if you haven’t the tool already. Hope this link works for aspi check


What am I looking for with the aspi check?


It must be a software issue. The hardware can’t cause a reboot. Check your software and make sure it is XP OK.


Aspi check is a little utillity to check if you have problems with the aspi drivers. You can aslo start nero infotool to see if there are any problems.

We have to make a start to check some things to find a solution for your problem. Here is a working link to test aspi aspitest


This sounds familiar.

Do you have an Nvidia nforce chipset motherboard? If so, you need to use the microsoft IDE driver, upgrade the firmware to at least B7M9 before you can use Nvidia’s IDE driver.


Post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config.


more like a OS issue…or driver corruption