BenQ 1620 question. Yeah, another one

After reading CD Freaks review of the BenQ I knew I had to have one. I quickly ran to my sisters room, busted open her piggy bank, then tied her up drugged her, and sold one of her kidneys on the black market.

Finally I had the money for my drive.

I quickly went on ebay and purchased this drive:

Now unaware of the fact it was a ‘Bulk’ type drive at the time I went along my merry way.

Now my question to you is; the bulk drives use a different firmware from the Benq branded 1620 drives. The bulk use a G7ZX firmware while the BenQ branded drives use B7TX. The faceplates are also different, I’m not sure about the internals.

So my question is, can I flash the drive using the BenQ brand firmware (b7Tx) and get the 4x dual layer write speed? Or am I just SOL for being so stupid and overlooking that it was a bulk drive.

Don’t all post at once guys…

yup you can just cross-flash it

thanks to SWIFTY7

i have the oem version aswell, i think it looks better then the retail, it doesn’t have the BENQ symbol just straight black which i like.

and then swifty7 helped me flash my drive to the retail firmware

That doesn’t mean it performs the same as the retail. Or even has the same chipset for that matter.

So can anyone tell me if I can get 4x speed? Thats basically what I’m asking.

yup you can do that with the cross-flash firmware that i mentioned to get the 4x DL burn speed

Hi everyone,

I have the same bulk version of the BenQ DW1620 which I got from the very same ebay seller!

I’m just about to restart my computer in safe mode and upgrade the firmware to b7p9, but I have a question. On the website they have a couple more versions, b7s9 and b7t9 which appear to be newer. Would it be a good idea to upgrade to either of those versions?

I won’t upgrade yet cause I’m a newbie when it comes to CD/DVD stuff so I don’t want to screw anything up… but basically i bought the same drive as el_gordo did, and mine came with the firmware version G7L9. Basically I want to make sure I have the best firmware available.