Benq 1620 ProRetail w/ Media $55 w/MIR /// Beige OEM $50

This looks good! Is it? It’s free shipping. There is however a $30 MIR, but at any rate, the initial price dropped $15 (used to be $99). I don’t know how long the price drop will last but, the rebate expires tomorrow (3/31). The software looks like 2.0, so it comes with Nero already right?

I’ve been watching 1620 prices on newegg for the past couple of weeks and waffling if I should buy or not. I think I might buy this. If the Benq media worth it? Even if not, this is lower than some of the OEM prices from the last two weeks. Think I should get it?

Also here is beige OEM for $50 shipped, no MIR (but I want black). This comes with Nero, too.

Hope this isn’t a double post and tell me what you think!

The black model (with media and $30 rebate) has dropped to $82.99 today (3-31-2005).