Benq 1620 Pro not reading discs

Hi there!
I have a BENQ DW1620 Pro which I purchased about 2 years ago and it has been working fine ever since then but now it has suddenly stopped reading any CD or DVD. The problem is that windows is recognizing the Drive which is a “Primary Slave” in BIOS settings but when i insert a disc in it a green light flashes for a few seconds and then stops flashing as nothing happens. When i click on the drive in My Computer it says “Please insert a disc in drive J:”.

I had flashed the drive from to firmware b7w9 a year ago and this month i had been trying to write a DVD which my drive did not. Apparently all the CDS and DVDS played/were read by the drive at that time until I tried to upgrade the firmware of the drive yet again although i knew that there is no new firmware available for my drive. So i flashed it again with the same firmware version and it said firmware upgrade failed after a few seconds.

I have tried using a lens cleaner but all in vain. So now here it is a useless dvd writer just connected to my PC. :frowning: Please help me to correct this and if possible list any new firmware that is available ). I will be very thankful. :rolleyes:
[Please don’t suggest to buy a new drive coz i can’t :))

Unfortunately, BenQ 1620s have a long, long history of sudden death. Some of us went through 3-4 drives in the space of a few months. It looks like yours is dead, at least you got two years. The only thing you might try is a new cable, but the odds of this being the problem are very low.

I have just found that my benq dw1620 isnt workin now after about 3 years!!! which sounds pretty good it seems. I tried the new firmware just now and it seemed to update ok but i cant open the tray. when i open the tray with a pin and put a disc in it wont show whats on the drive as if its just packed up. is there any other program i can install to try and make it work or change drives with a dvd player i have or is it best to say bye bye???

Hey thanks, i knew that it was coming :frowning: But hey can the Guys at the Benq Store repair it or what? I would pay them if it’s out of warranty period and doesn’t get any free repairs… what u say?

Yep, it sounds like your drive has just gone bad. I had one 1640 that stopped reading and a 1655. BenQ quality control is not all that great. Fortunately my 1620 is still plugging along.

It happened to me just the other day with my 1620, thank goodness still has a few for 33.99, I just ordered it, I love that drive.:clap: