Benq 1620 Pro In Stock for $43.65

Yes, they are the Staples 30 pack color tower MIJ’s. When I said I was sure It would get better I should of mentioned that I am going to try some different firmware and settings.
I am aware that the 1620 does not learn. Maybe this isn’t such an exceptional 1620 like
the last one,or maybe its just old media. I will try some other stuff and see what the results bring.
Thanks, Budzos

1620and 1625 firmware is the same also harware the dif. is some bytes for ls and the extra hardware… i am a very happy owner of a 1620@1625 drive…see sign

Newest scan, reflashed drive using the B7L9 trick and then back, also moved drive to a different computer. the combination of things seemed to help the results. Once again a TO2 burned at 8x with ImgBurn.