Benq 1620 Pro In Stock for $43.65

This store claims to have Benq 1620 pro’s if anybody is interested,

I ordered one of these yesterday, The gray one was not available but they said they were shipping me one in black, at least thats what the person at NowDirect stated and the product ID matched with the ID of my previous Benq1620 Pro that was black also.
It cost me a little more than my Benq 1650 but the are a bit harder to find and soon they
will be nonexistant. It should be here on friday and I will let you know what I actually get.

My two-years-old one is still perfect and remains my prefered when it comes to Rip music CDs!!!
IMO the 1620 remains Benq best drive ever!!!

I didn’t appreciatte mine until I bought my 1650, then I began to compare the burns and
realized it burned better consistently. The 1650 burned good but if I throw in some cheap off the wall media it seems to struggle. The 1620 seems to handle cheap media better and the firmware has matured nicely even though it hasn’t been updated for a while.

Also, when it comes to speed, 1620 is still the best BenQ around. :bigsmile:
I just love those TYG02 QS99% burns at 5:3* from [I]jamescooley1[/I]. It’s easy to get nostalgic…

Sure, we got SolidBurn and “learning” with 1640/165* drives and quality has improved in general, but still marginal and not that much one would expect.

I have to agree at the moment, the 1620 is much more consistent for me than the 1650 which is quite variable considering it has more advanced features to give it supposedly better writing quality. I may have to track down a 1640 to see if that lives up to the hype. :smiley:

How does the 1620 compare to 1640 ? “not 1650”

I got my 1620 this morning, It came with a grey OEM faceplate as a bare drive with a Benq software disc, with firmware B7T9 installed, made in Malaysia in Feb. 2005. After I
install it I’ll post some results.

"[I]How does the 1620 compare to 1640 ? “not 1650”
Just like the 1620 compare to the 1650!!! The best burns I have ever seen were done with a 1620!!! This drive had been supported by Benq for more than two years!!! Don’t even dream of getting the same support for your 1640 or 1650!!!
I don’t want any one to be nostalgic, but remember: when this drive first came out it wasn’t able to burn DL medias (it was called 1600), then a DL support at 2.4X was added (it became the 1620), then the DL speed was increased to 4X (it became the 1620 pro) !!!

WOW , I’ve never seen that in PC history .
If it were another company than Benq , it woudn’t have done all these major upgrades with software/firmware , it would have forced people to buy new models for thses features .
I remember when all review sites gave Benq 1600 series high rates compared to other drives , but there was no Benq burners here in Egypt although we have a major distributer , the only drive that I could find here was Sony DRU-810A , Benq 1640 oem that I am extremely happy with .
Do anyone know of Benq 1620 pro as an oem under other brands ?

Philips 1640!!!

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

the 1620 is a good drive WHEN IT WORKS, see sig, what lets the drive down is that its arguably the most unreliable drive ever made, it’s certainly the most unreliable drive i ever owned after going through 3 of the buggers, plenty of threads discussing this subject.

Yea I know so many people had reliability troubles with the BenQ 1620!!! I got lucky with the only one I ever bought!!! still runs perfectly after hundreds of burns and rip!!!

Interesting that the 1620 is unreliable. I’ve had mine (a rebadged IO/Magic) for 18 months. It’s performed perfectly thus far. I was thinking of getting the 1670 they have at Staples now just as insurance.

From all burners I have, I rate them the following:

  1. 1640 (very good burner over all, good with DL media)
  2. 1620 (good and fast)
  3. 1655 (burns well with +R media, similar to 1640 but pickier)
  4. NEC 3500 (a very solid burner and the best of NEC line)
  5. Pioneer 111D (good with dash R media)

How does the 1625 figure into all of this? Newegg’s got 'em for $40 right now.

I don’t have that burner, maybe other posters who have it can comment on it. As much as I remember from other posts is not as good as 1620, but I believe it can be crossed flashed to 1620.

1rst burn with the new 1620, not as good as the other 1620 I own but I am
sure it will get better. Its a TY T02 burned at 8x with ImgBurn.

Hmmm, the 1620 does not learn!!
This drive is a killer when it comes to burning Yuden !!! Are your Yuden genuines ?