Benq 1620 Pro CD-R burning problem

I’ve had my drive for only a couple months so far, and it’s been great with DVDs and CDs up until recently… Now, whenever I burn a CD, I get “Write Error” right as it hits 100% completion. I’ve tried every possible burning speed, but so far only one CD-R media (the same batch I’ve been using since before I even bought this burner, Maxell brand). So, either this batch goes bad in the middle, or there’s something already wrong with my drive… any thoughts?

Myabe you overburn? Try smaller size and please report back.

It shouldn’t be an overburn issue…the material is less than 700mb.
And, when I tried to make a test disc in Nero CD-DVD Speed, the same error occurred at the end of the disc.

Try burning like 200mb, and see what happens. Could be that the media is crap near the end.


I just bought BenQ 1620,do I need a different software than than Nero that came with it? I also have Roxio,anyhelp will be appreciated.I want to put some WMV file in to a DVD.


Well, since it’s totally unrelated to the thread, I’ll be happy to answer you :slight_smile:

The best thing you can do is to delete the WMV files. They’re a pain anyways. Then delete Roxio, it sux too.

thanks :rolleyes: