Benq 1620 PRO,... can backup games? reviews say no it cant (more or less)



Ok dont get me wrong. ive read some reviews in cdrinfo and here in cdfreaks. Both say 1620 cannot backup games. I want it to backup games, movies, and loooooot of data i want to get out of my pc. The games i will backup will be pc and lot of ps2 ones.

The question is that those reviews if im not wrong are made around the NON PRO model. but i cannot find reviews of the Pro model and ppl says that Pro and non Pro version are almost the same with a firmware change. So anyone can help me. Is this a versatile writer or only a pc data one.

By the way does it have a riplock? whats the speed u can reach when ripping movies?


Some people have had no problem backing up PS2 and some have. I think the DW1620 has a slightly higher success rate using + media in that regard. Now on backing up PC games where they will play without the help of a no exe? Then I doubt that it can or only earlier versions of safedisc, but then only the Plextor Premium CD burner can do the latest securom, from what I understand, in otherwords, most DVD burners cannot backup current PC game protection that well if at all.