BenQ 1620 Pro & Blank Media in AUS



Hi guys,

My first post here ;), I just got my new BenQ 1620 Pro but I was just curious where to get decent DVD+R TY media here in Australia.
Curently I’ve got some Verbatim’s 8x, but seems like almost every one here aims at TY.Tnx. for any help in advance. :slight_smile:

DSP8000 :cool:


Can you post some scans?


DSP8000 where abouts in australia are ya?
~you can try computer stores run by asians, they usually have a large selection (try looking through computer trader, they have media warehouses that stock up on different media); the reason i say is because ive seen non-asian stores stockup on mainly princos, riteks and tdks not because, im not being racist
~ you can also try swap meets if your in melbourne, but ive never been successful; but heard it is possible
~ or simly order from the net
However, Verbatim’s arent bad they are in the top form the threads ive read (quote me if im wrong).


@ twn_onizuka,

I’m in Canberra, I know about some asian computer shops, but they don’t offer good (not fake) TY’s, all they sell is some el-cheapo rebranded asian media from home made manufacturers :sad: .Even on the PC fairs they sell just cheap s**t.
I’ll have look around some WebShops in here, if no luck I’ll get them internationally.

Tnx. for your help,


thats crap…yeah thats what i do as well (get em internationally) …as you can tell from my nick im from taiwan…(home of the shitty and good media production) ; i stock up on so much media when i go back…they have to much to choose from …hundreds at least…just receieved a hundred infome dvd blanks…(read my other thread for the burn quality) and they are dirt cheap…about 28 cents…tys are about 40 ish…but i dont need good media cause i go through em like toilet paper to store results…
make sure when your order them internatioanlly they are well wrapped, ive had some media split in half (from the centre ring) as the adhesive was crap… and bumping mad it worst (i may be wrong, but precaution never hurts)


hi DSP8000, welcome :slight_smile:

i haven’t found anywhere to buy TY +R’s here yet. however, i bought some of TY 4x -R discs from, and applied ala42’s media speed patcher so i can burn them at 8x, and i get awesome results. see for yourself:

i’ve burned over 30 of these now, and they all end up with quality scores of 96+.

i assume you read on here somewhere that the 1620 prefers +R media… i can’t say whether that’s true or not, but even if it is true, you can still get great results from -R discs :iagree:


if you really want it i work in PC shop in sydney i can Mail post some RicohjpnR01/R02…

if you want it :slight_smile:

Very good Quality…Maybe no as good as TY +R but its one of the BEST +R i used so far :bigsmile:

if you want it you can PM me :smiley:

but i have to said first : i’m no sure the How much POST will cost but i will try to make you a deal Lo :cool:


Tnx. for the help guys,

@z24, I’ll consider your offer, but I REALLY want to get some genuine TY’s +'s , I’ll PM u if I can’t find decent supplier.
Also, I know a guy @ the computer fair that sells (sometimes) good media, last time I got some DVD-R’s 4x TY, I’m just not sure if they are genuine TY’s, the brand is (I think) MaxData or something data, they are silver printable but -.

@grindcore, tnx. for the kind welcome, I had a look @ the links, I’ll send them Email to see if they can get some +'s.

@twn_onizuka, if you go soon in Taiwan let me know, maybe you can get some for all of us, if that’s not too much trouble for ya.



LOL…i was thinking of starting a media businesss…seriously; however problem is there arent as many people that media “geeks”; peopl i talk to buy any cheap arse media, some have no idea that they are buying + or - R’s, all they know is blanks…
Ill holla if i go back…and work something with you guys…
@DSP800, not sure if you read the news page, i think there are companies that are using the write method for dyes/discs … so although they are ty’s; their maximum disc burning performance is achieved if they burn like ty’s well, thats my understanding of that thread


Lol Maxdata is a fake TY for sure… :cop:

and i do have some fake TY lying around :o …if you want i can TEST for you…but my fake Ty is up to the Good quality one no a Low BS Fake TY :rolleyes:

i do still use them for given away … :bigsmile:

but Now the BEST disc i got is Orginal RicohjpnR01 GOLD version…

And Also Orginal RicohjpnR02 pearl white Printable from Ricoh Australia :bow:



hey mate you from Taiwan?..i from Taiwan Too :smiley:

Starting a disc Business is Very hard and often no a win win business in AUS :Z
because i do sale them every week …and i dealing with 100+ of the Return every months too :confused:

if you really want to get into this business i will said get your self a couple of Princo 4x just in case!! :o why??..because alots of people in AUS use them and do search for them in good price but in the same time if they have problem and do bring it back make sure you tell them this: hey Prico its no a good disc to burn for Longitive…and look at dye oh its so white all most can see through :Z …then please get you self ready couple of Good quality -R like Verbatim :bigsmile: …then sale them these…also you need some new burner with you top…because sometime they use LiteON 4x buner…and now in AUS the 4x Ritek are long gone…also CMC 4x are long gone too…so try to convince them to upgrade…once they upgrade then you can save to sale them 8x Ritek/CMC


hey you can get Fuji +R made in JAPAN in AUS like Harvey noman or something…i do know they saling it :cool: …about AUD$29.9 for 25pcs…but when you buy them make sure they are Made in Japan :smiley:

haven’t try it yet but soon i will…and convince my Boss to get couple of those Fuji TY in to Shop Lol :smiley:


@zZ24 where you at melb?..
Give me yours stores details…i might go there rather than bring back 200-300 blanks every year…see if you can match prices and see if you need extra contacts :wink: …not that you need any…hahahaha


i’m in sydney!!..

although i’m very welcome you to visit me at store Lo (We only open Sat/sunday)

twn_onizuka you got PM hehe


Hi DSP8000, Yes TY (Taiyo Yuden) are the best but I have only seen DVD-R selling in Australia under their own brand.

“The Disc Shop” sell TY under the “That’s” brand (TY own brand I think):

That’s vs. OEM Taiyo Yuden:

Both “jpl displays” & “The Disc Shop” mainly stock -R’s, if you could find the TY importer you might have better luck with the +R’s

I am thinking of getting BenQ 1640 when their available & would like some TY DVD+R for it, so let me know how go.


Found some “Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 4x”:

Their wholesalers thru.

Peter Pan from forums.whirlpool got some discs form them but lives near them: