BenQ 1620 Pro --> BenQ 1625

i have flashed my 1620 Pro into 1625 but i can’t test it with LigthsScribe czo i can’t get any LigthScribe medias.

going to run some qulity test now. :slight_smile:

:bow: to BBEARPC1.cvt and WinDWFlash

Nice… :smiley:

Try it out and report back.

But forget about “creating” any LightScribe images because it’s nogo.
(Link to a 1640 post but the same applyes for 1620.)

@ Pinto2
Where i can find for downloading the QSuite ver1.0?
Your link in " Simple “how to” disable WOPC" has problem.

it wasn’t a good idea :frowning:
at speed of x8 with TY media it took almost 50 (48:27) min to burn a full CD.
when i flashed back to 1620 (B7V9) everything became normal.

The “old” link to QSuite is still working (Mozilla Firefox).

Here is BenQ QSuite download link. :slight_smile:

BTW, I’ll change QSuite link at my page asap.

You wont be able to use Lightscribe from a 1620 flashed to a 1625. You are missing some extra hardware.

Thanks Pinto2 for the reply and the link.

does anyone know why the burn process was so slow?