BenQ 1620 Pro and BenQ 1620



Is the BenQ 1620 Pro the same model as the BenQ 1620? If not does the BenQ 1620 Pro provide “just as good quality write” using Taiyo Yuden media?(or other media).


Look carefully at all the comments on BenQ 1620 quality problems before you buy.

After that, the two drives are identical and both can use the retail firmware and will write the same, subject to quality control drive variations. Also the Pro comes with a box, and cable, and screws and some software.


Well I’ve looked at the “Burn quality hall of fame” and looked in the BenQ forum dvd scans and I see superior write quality with certain media. BenQ’s Write Right technology and WOPC II impresses me more than Plextors PowerRec.


i would just buy it local or get a oem version.



The OEM version is only $39.99 from You can also get the OEM from for the same price when they have their daily greenlight specials from 11:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m., Sizzling Sunday and Moonlight Madness sales. The 1620 retail also goes on sale for $39.99 as well during those sales. I’ve bought a retail drive from them with no issues so far. The OEM’s I bought from haven’t had problems as well. :wink:

Don’t be afraid of purchasing the 1620 because of the threads posted in here.
Join the fun and purchase your 1620 while you can!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I hope it works out for you. :slight_smile: