BenQ 1620 or NEC 3520?



Im building(buying) my son a new computer, something he will be able to take to college with him next fall. He wants a DVD burner, and I have narrowed my choices to either the BenQ or the NEC, basically because of “price”. We wanted to keep the price of that particular purchase in the $55-$65 dollar range, and I believe both of them can be found, somewhere on the net, in that range. I have reviews/comments in both particular forums on this site, and Im sure both have their loyal followers. This will be the only DVD/CD drive he has in his computer, unless he buys a cheap DVD or CD rom drive somewhere. I’m sure he will record his fair share of movies, and song titles with whatever unit he buys. And knowing him, when he’s off at college, he will be money strapped, and will buy the cheapest DVD/CD media he can find. With all this in mind, which of these two brands, would the majority of you recommend, and why? He would like the black faceplate to go with his computer box, but isnt really that big of a deterrant, if it isnt.


I would take the BenQ 1620, as the NEC 3520 is not fully sorted yet.

However, I would look at the LG 4163, as it writes to dvd-ram also, and is the fastest burner currently avilable. Still waiting for mine to arrrive.


The old NEC 3500A is more tolerant in the media department. I’ve read several quality complaints about the BenQ over the last few days. If you can find the older 3500A, then go for it. If not, then the 3520A should be fine. BenQ’s biggest advantage is disc quality testing, something that the kid won’t need with crappy media.

Note that the BenQ has better error correction, so it can read damaged discs better than the NEC. In the end, it’s all about price. You can get a rebadged BenQ (Pacific Digital mach 16X) at Staples for about $60 after rebate.