BenQ 1620 on old system

I have an older system and am wanting to install a new DVD burner on it, probably a BenQ 1620.

My system specs are:
Pentium3 500Mhz
256 mb RAM (pc 133)
Abit BX6 motherboard (ultra dma/33 controller)
Quantum Fireball 20 Gb HD (?)

Will the Benq 1620 drive work on this system ok or will the burn speeds be limited? Was also thinking about upgrading my harddrive to 80 gb. Will an ata-100 hd work on a controller that only supports ata-33?


should work however dont expect it to hit 12x-16x speed, although it’s certainly possible, and yes the HDD should work.

I have seen some MBs (only a few years old) that do not recognize the newer HDs. In both cases, adding a Promise IDE card took care of the problem. Newegg has then for around $25.

Ok, so assuming the system recognizes the burner I should be able to burn at 8x, at least, with no problems?

Your constraint is the ATA 33 MB controler. In theory it should give you the required transfer rate, but I would be bothered by the fact that ATA 33 only used a 40 pin cable and I have seen a lot of problems here solved by using an 80 pin.

You might want to ask this question in the Hardware Recording forum as they have had a lot more experience with what can stop a drive from reaching burn speed.

If you get an ATA100 hard drive and hook it to an ATA33 mb, you will only be able to get ATA33. The Benq may work, but it requires an 80 wire cable.

Ok thanks guys. I will try an 80 pin cable if necessary.

I don’t think that the 80 pin cable will add anything to the ATA 33 which leads me to think the BenQ will have trouble. At least you can fall back to an ATA Ultra card if you have to. Check carefully for one that works with optical drives. Not all do.