Benq 1620 OEM or rippoff?



This may be a stupid question but I haven’t seen any evidence that Benq makes drives for Aopen. Yet I ordered on OEM Benq 1620 and received the Aopen DUW1608/ARR drive. Did I get ripped off or what? The old bait and switch?? This was from… Any help would be appreciated…


What is the firmware?


Yep - you got ripped off there. The AOpen is an :Z:Z:Z drive.


Aopen are crap their drives fail all the time my Aopen 9420 failed after like 4 months, i would never trust them again.


RMA it if you can for a refund or for a real BenQ drive. If worse comes to worse keep it for a reader, door stop, whatever and you can always get the Nu Technology DDW-163 for cheap from newegg which IS a BenQ DW1620A OEM drive. :wink: They also have the retail BenQ in stock so you have either option there.