BenQ 1620 OEM firmware upgrade

I’m trying to upgrade my I/OMagic IDVD16DD (really a BenQ 1620 OEM) A07R firmware to G7V9. When I try to flash with the G7V9.exe file from BenQ’s website, it gives an error “Invalid Firmware version. You cannot upgrade this drive.” I downloaded BQflasher because I could not find the G7V9.cvt file (for use with WinDWflash) anywhere, but I am scared to use it because I might mess up my drive.

The current A07R firmware seems like its a fluke, or it is very old, because I’ve never seen it anywhere.

Should I just try to flash it with BQflasher and the G7V9.exe from BenQ’s webite?

If the firmware is A07R, it is NOT a BenQ drive and unfortunately if you attempt to crossflash with a BenQ firmware either it wont let you do it or you will kill the drive.

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I’m thinking A07R firmware is for BTC drive but i could be wrong.

You are right rolling56 and if the above poster uses this firmware to crossflash they will have no drive anymore. It will be toast.

Thanks, I will take the advice not to flash, as I don’t think it is worth the risk. Thanks for the response.