BENQ 1620 OEM firmware G7P9

BENQ 1620 OEM firmware G7P9 is available.
No need to flash to retail B firmware. From the BENQ forum

Even then using real B7P9 is better because BenQ’s likely to release before the OEM vendors. I once sent an email to Nu-tech about these but there was no reply. I called the Nu-tech distributor and talked to some people but they kept their promises. Irresponsible people.


I’m looking for B7T9 RPC-1 but the Link at your Site is Dead :sad: . Can you advise where to find it? :iagree:

Here you go Jim. This site has most any BenQ f/w you would want >

Kenshin’s links seem to work for me… Otherwise, here’s the original source:

Hm. Any of the three places should do. :slight_smile:

TDB site -> RPC-1 -> BenQ
My page -> just collections of random firmware files I happen to have. The links seem to work for me, too. :slight_smile:

Thanks Gents :bow: