BenQ 1620 OEM "deal of the day" $64 shipped!


Unbelievable price on a great drive!

OEM price must have fallen under US$50 sometime in October.

Well that’s it…i just ordered one. Now i need a good IDE pci card ! Any input from anyone?

Here you go.

Read this first:

This will support big hard disks (LBA > 137 gig) too with recent firmware. The promise website has updates. Put your hard drives on this card and use the onboard ide for opticals. But read the thread!

P.S. Newegg has the cheaper syba card too.

Thanks Mark !

@rolling56 > You’re welcome.
After doing a little research it looks like you could use this:

with your opticals and not mess around with moving your hard disk(s)!

And it’s cheaper too.

my m/b doesn’t have raid…will the last post work?

I think it will work better than the first since it is ATA133, comes with 80 conductor cables, supports all DMA modes, and has a SIL controller.

I would go with the Syba board myself.
You don’t need to run it in a raid configuration, just 2 IDE channels.

Up to $67 + $4 shipping as of 5PM Pacific on 11/10. . .

yup. deal is dead @ 8:30 pm est…

I think it’s best to put your rip drive on this controller, or whatever drive will be needing firmware updates least. Some dos flashers expect the drive to flashed to be on either the pri or sec ide channel. If you add another controller I don’t know if the flasher can find the drive. What comes after secondary? Tertiary?

This is at risk of becoming an “add-on IDE controller thread”!

The Syba will work in a non-raid mode so it basically just adds 2 ide channels. You might be required to move a drive to onboard primary or secondary channels for flashing firmware however.


Yes the deal is gone. Well I got the retail one few days ago. (BenQ1620 from Dell $76 shipped). 10 bucks more for the “BenQ” logo on the bezel LOL.

rolling56: if you want to put your ODD (Optical -dvdburners) in ATA controller in the future, I would suggest not buying a Promise and/or RAID support. Promise chip is good for HDD but not for ODD (click here). RAID controllers seems to conflict with ODD driver. My SiL680 with RAID doesn’t work with ODD (click here). So your best choice for opticals are SiL680 chipset with non-Raid support. If you’re not planning to put your ODD in the ATA controller then you can buy anything. :bigsmile:

Thanx for the info zevia and by the way nice looking rig and all the extras ! Not sure how i’m gonna set it up yet. Might sell my NEC 2510A to the neighbor then i won’t have to do anything lol but i might keep it. How do you like your BenQ so far? I just like the support you get with firmware and tools. NEC is a good drive with Herrie, Liggy ,ScorpioSoft, and Quickee2 amongst others.

thanks but how do you see I have a nice rig? :confused:

Show us your pc thread… lol