Benq 1620 not seeing CDR's it just burnt?

Hope someone here can help. I’ve just got a Benq 1620 and have successfully burned some DVD data discs and CD data discs. The PC will write ok to both CD and DVD but it only reads the DVD discs.
I have just backed up some files to CD ROM and when I try to view the files Win Explorer cant see them? If I put the disc in my Liteon CD-RW drive in another PC
everything works like normal.
Whats up? :frowning:

Do you have any packet writing software running?
Do you have IMAPI running? (Windows XP built in CD Writing)
If so, try disabling these!

Thanks for the tip. How do I disable IMAPI?
I tried to boot off CD’s I had just written and the Benq drive wont see them either. Could it be the media?

Perhaps file system in use is not UTF and the cd/track is not closed?
I’m thinking that it is a case of using an ISO/Joilet format that is not designed for rewritable or CDR’s that are left open so you can add more later. You need to use the CDRW file system if you’re not closing off/finalizing the cdr’s. I guess. :wink:

Hey, Buzzy here, totally new to all this forum stuff, this looks like a great site, gottalotta info from it so far, as for this thread, I am having a similar problem, and really have not found anything to fix it, welp, here it goes:

Bought the OEM BENQ DW1620, up’d the firmware to B7T9, but I still have the following problem: Windows Explorer refuses to see files that I burn to a data disc, I backed up alotta stuff onto FUJIFILM DVD-&+R’s, bring up Windows Explorer, it initially says that the name is “DVD-RW Drive (D:)” and the type is “CD Drive” then when I put in one of my data DVD’s it reads “CD Drive (D:), CD Drive, 0 bytes, 0bytes”… I threw it in my wife’s laptop’s DVD/CDRW Combo Drive and it worked fine… It backs up DVD’s great… And I’m using Nero to make the data dvd’s…

Please, please, please someone tell me that I’m just missing a simple fix, you can email @ if you prefer, I thank all in advance, feedback will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: :bow: