Benq 1620 Not Recognized in DVD Player

Just got my Benq 1620 a little over a week ago. Tried it out with some Sony 4x +rw disc, everything worked good and my home dvd players all played them. Tried to copy an 8x dvd -r disc from a fried and the 1620 couldn’t even see the disc. I updated the firmware to B7K9 and the 1620 could now read the disc. The issue now is every time I try to create a dvd movie or copy one my home player does not even recognize the disc. I am burning onto Sony 4x dvd -r. The burns are all successful and the PC can read all the data on the disc but all my home dvd players do not see the -r disc. The home players still do recognize the +rw. Anyone have any idea’s?

Much appreciated.


Your player may not recognize - media. has a database of DVD players and what media is compatible. You can check the link below or just state your DVD player in the thread. Also make sure you have a video_ts and audio_ts file on the DVD.

try using +R media…and updating nero to latest…when burning Video_TS folder…e4nsure booktype is set to DVD-ROM…

+R is more favoured. among standalone dvd players