Benq 1620 not reading any disks

Drives are recognised in win xp device manager. Updated firmware. I have two benq 1620’s, drives e&f. Drive e is fine, but drive f won’t read any disks. The green light flahes only. Any advice?

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Every drives are not the same, one can be more sensitive than others even same model.

  • What is the media you’re using? Check the MID in Nero CD-DVD Speed “Disc Info” and let us know.
  • What are the firmwares in your DW1620 (both drives).

I’m using Version: B7W9 09-06-2005 on both drives. The message for drive f is, “please insert a disk into drive f”. I can’t run a nero cd-dvd speed test because the drive won’t recognise a disk.

Please check the media ID (MID) in the other drive (drive E).

Did you check if drive F can read DVD-ROM Movie (original)?

ok. The mid in drive e is 97m27s28f. I’ve tried data and audio cd’s in drive f to no success.

Any luck? I have a 1655 that was working fine last week and now it will not read any media. If you put in a disk it just clicks once. That’s it.


97 minutes disc??? try the regular 650mb/74 minutes disc or 700mb/80 minute disc to see if yoru drive can read it.

If this is not a new hardware installation, that sounds like a classic 1620 failure and, if out of warranty, time to discard the drive. Before I did so, I would want to try it alone on a new cable just to eliminate the obvious, and connect it to a different power connector as well. 1620s are touchy about their molex connections.

I tried original movie dvd’s, but no luck. I re-installed, disabled, unplugged the molex and re-installed, unplugged from the mobo, but no luck. the drive is about a year old. I bought two 1620’s at same time, now only one works.

Check the jumpers?

if you’ve tried all the suggestions that were made to you then the drive is probably dead as a door nail.