Benq 1620 not detecting dvds

ive had real problems with my benq 1620 tonight, its been fine for months but tonight i wanted to burn a dvd and it just wouldnt play ball, it kept failing and taking an extremely long time to burn anything.

So i test burning cd-r’s and it works fine, so then i put in a previously burnt dvd and it takes an extremely long time trying to recognise it to no ovail. Just sits there attempting to read it.

Put the dvd in my dvd-rom drive and it reads it straight away.

Is my drive on its way out or should I perhaps flash the firmware?? I am unsure. It’s been fine with this media before.

First I would check the DMA settings (click here). It needs to be UDMA2 in Device Manager. Please report back.

The 1620 can be flaky like that, especially the recognition problem. Reboot and it should be fine.

What type of disc took a long time and at what speed? WOPC on?

ok i checked the dma settings, the primary ide channel is udma6 and the secondary is udma2.

I will check what channel the dvdrw is on.

It reads most of my pre-copied dvd’s now, but still having problems recognising blank dvds for burning. I’ve restarted many times.

the dvdrw is on secondary channel udma2

my motherboard is asus a7n8x deluxe with nforce2 standard ide drivers, could it be a driver problem? Should I change the firmware? (was fine before)

im going to try it on my main pc which is nforce 4 board setup with standard windows ide drivers.

also its secondary slave, i don’t know if that would make a difference, some of these drives are really twitchy…

Yes it could. In Device Manager, delete the Secondary IDE (where your 1620 is) and reboot. It should revert back to MS driver.