Benq 1620, Need To Buy Now, Need Help

I have an emergency, my LG 8x is acting crazy, and i need to order a new burner in the next half hour, i need by thursday.

so here are my two questions and problems,

first what is wrong with it burning DVDR- ??? I find it peculiar that a high rated burner has problems with the standard format. What scan results does it do poor on, I havent heard anyone elaborate on this

second, This thing does do PI quality scans, it just doesnt do it on kprobe, from what I understand, there is no differnce between Kprobe, Nero, and DVDinfoPro for the quality scan??? right??

The two main features I want is bitsetting, accurate disc quality scanning, and quality burns on both formats. Also Longevity, at least 5000 burns. I think this is what killed my LG, I am doing 100 strait burns backtoback as soon as i get it. Also I need quality reading, for ripping.

Although it kills me to say this, I still have 400 DVDR- discs to burn, after that I will switch to plus only because of the bitsetting feature.

thanks for any advice

First of all, what kind of dvd-r’s you still have? If you are planning to burn dvd+r and dvd-r, the best choice is the Nec, it surpasses the Benq in dvd-r. But there is no errorscanning with the nec. The Benq also burns dvd-r OK, so I guess in your case, the Benq would be the right choice. You can’t use kprobe, but you can use dvdinfopro and cdspeed errorscanning. Nec and Benq both have bitsetting, benq straight out of the box, nec needs special firmware available here :).

One thing you can say for the BenQ, it reads accurately–over an incredibly long period of time. It’s like the dark ages of computing have returned. But there’s one difference. It can read right through a scratched dvd original or cd original.
But if you use it to read or write DVD-R, you are in for a nasty shock.
It is extremely accurate reading originals and +R. You can’t get better.
It is extremely accurate writing +R. You can’t get better.
Some -R discs work well. It’s such a nice surprise when that happens. :wink:
If I had it to do over, I would own an NEC with the second-best writing (second only to BenQ), but many times faster rip(read) speeds. The NEC will work on -r and +r well.
Bear in mind that you’re in for a shock with a BenQ–a very slow shock.
An LG 8x is many times faster on a copy operation (read, then write).
The BenQ is far more accurate (except with -R).

I used to own an LG 8x. It was SO fast! I replaced it with a BenQ because I wanted accuracy instead. BenQ has delivered accuracy.

im at work so i go to be quick
I have prodisc S04 8x (about 250)(bought as 4x s03 somehow they messed up :smiley: )
about 75 MCC mitsubishi (bought as prodisc 8x)
and 50 Tayo 8x
and 100 ritek g05 8x that burned at 4x, I am prob going to return these to supermediasotre and take my losses
these are all my -

I will permantly switch to + with this bitsetting, I was antiplus till i learned of bitsetting yesterday, it blows me away that the benny has that problem, what problems have people reported

thanks for the quick replies, I need to order whatever i am going to get in a half hour, by 230 EST, so newegg will ship today

I hope LG takes back this piece of crap, I did get the newegg ext waranty, soi might have to wait a year, people where saying that the problem was with the discs, but from what i see from my tests its all of a sudden and its on 2 diff media, the prodisc so4 and ProD/MCC 8x, I should have tested the Riteks but i didnt even consider it. I prob will. well now i am making a post for the lg forum, so i am going to stay focused on this Benq
I needed a 16x bitseting drive anyways

As you can see in the review, the Benq burns those dvd-r’s fast and quite good. But it sure lacks speed when you want to rip a dvdmovie. I like my nec because he reads so damn fast. This really is a hard choice. Just think about what you really want and what’s most important for you.

ok cool so its BenQ

It just occured to me that I wasn’t thinking outside the box on my original post.
For that, I sincerely apologise!!!
I have for my entertainment PC, a Micro Atx case with capacity for one 5.25 bay.
But, you (with larger projects than I have) should use a larger computer case.
For the best of reading and writing, you could install a high speed DVD reader into your computer in addition to the BenQ.
Many DVD readers outperform DVD writers in terms of reading performance(s).
Use both!
Install a DVD reader as Primary Slave, and the BenQ as Secondary Master(single) for a basic trouble-free system.
That would be a wonderful setup!!!
Some DVD-ROM drives can read faster than Any DVD writer drives.
Of course for duplication, there’s no need for swapping to the hard drive.
Just make sure the reader drive can read those pesky -r discs :wink:
For flexability and speed, the extra $35 or so (for an extra DVD ROM drive) would be a fantastic addition.
Then you would have the best writing (BenQ) and the best reading (DVD reader, but I don’t know which one, so ask around).