Benq 1620 master drive?



im gettin this drive today :bigsmile: and i already have one drive on my computer, its a cd burner, now im gonna leave that on there because i read i should just use the benq for dvd even though it can do cd’s, now if i leave the cd burner in there which one should i make master? does it even matter? or should i just take out the cd burner and make the benq do everything? thanks


Make BenQ 1620 the master. As for CD burning, 1620 does a pretty decent job on that unless you like to do 1:1 copy of copy-protected games.


Doesn’t matter as long as your PC is working properly. Just make sure you set both drives to Cable Select. Some people prefer the Master/Slave jumper configuration. The most important thing is to make sure that both drives are running in DMA mode, and that the drives are set to AUTO detect in the BIOS.


you lost me


I would suggest to move the cd burner to the second bay and put the benq in the first bay. Set the benq as Master and cd burner as slave. There is a pin on the back of the drive to set as Master or Slave.


ok thanks thats what i planned on


Let us know how it goes. And fyi there is a benq forum here if you need more help.


Cool, he did his home work.
Good luck with your new drive.


well its goin bad hahaha lol looks like the ups tracking thing got messed up or something probably wont get it till monday, ill post how it went whenever i get it, but anyway zevia thanks for the help :bow:

pc-guy, sorry if i annoyed you if the my first post but im a stupid noob so again i apolagize, but THANKS for all the help ( :bow: ) you gave me! :iagree:

quick side question, does blockbuster add any extra protection to their dvds, or is it the same as copying other dvd’s? thanks


quick side question, does blockbuster add any extra protection to their dvds, or is it the same as copying other dvd’s? thanks[/QUOTE

Usually what you buy in any store is what BB will have on their shelf. They don’t add anything more than what it originally comes with.


ok thanks


Yo ted1085-

What my good friend and cohort Sportsmell really wanted to say was that - we here in the CDFreaks Forums don’t encourage the renting and copying of DVD’s as that is a illegal practice and our forum can be taken off the internet for recommending such a practice-

So - PLEASE don’t rent and copy - but feel free to copy any DVD that you have purchased for your own personal use-



Well said Salty but make that 1 copy for personal use.


Yo Sportsmell-

How entirely correct you are-

Be sure to ALWAYS take the original if going to a friends home to watch your movie - not your backup copy-



Hey Dog… Off Topic… What you using for F/W on your 3500 these days?


Yo Smelly-

Getting my best stuff with 2.18btrpc

Gives me all the good stuff in 2.18 plus the bitsetting and rip lock removal - seems to do very good on all my medias - (got the new Hitachi 57" s715 Ultravision - kickin’ some serious progressive scan a$$ - looking for a Panasonic dvd-s97 - but they are about like trying to fing a 3500)-



Is that Mad Dog F/W???