Benq 1620 Makes My Computer Reboot

Hi, I just purchased benq 1620, and everytime it reads a disc the computer reboots. The Benq is the secondary master and my hp 300n is the slave.
I am running a athlon 2500+ barton with a msi k7 motherboard.
i have the latest firmware on the 1620 and i’m so frustrated.

please help me

Is your board overcloaked?

Do you have a Nforce chipset? If so, remove nforce ide-drivers and install standard microsoft ide-drivers.

You sure you have your jumpers set right on your drives? If so then try just the DW6120 lone on the IDE as master, at least to see if that works.

how can i tell if i have nforce chipset and were to i get the standard ms ide drivers
my board isn’t overclocked, the jumpers are right and i tried it lone as the master and it still did it

Right click on My Computer>Properties
Hardware Devices>IDE Contollers. It should tell your there which IDE drivers you have installed.

i have microsoft drivers installed,any other ideas

If you have XP you can “roll back” your drivers. I might consider it’s some corrupt software, but I assume it’s not doing it with your HP 300n, so that doesn’t seem likely.

roll back the drivers to what and or are there special benq drivers that i didn’t get

On XP when you go into our device manager and driver tab there’s a “roll back” drivers button. So if you see Nvidia or Via drivers in it now you could roll back to see if you get to MS drivers. Also you could try and uninstall your burner and reboot and let windows reinstall it. A more cumbersome attempt is do a fresh install of Windows. You might also try reflashing your burner.