BenQ 1620 - Low disc quality

I just (finally) started to burn DVDs with my drive. I went out and bought a small pack of TDK 16x DVD-R (MID: TTH02). I’m using the B7W9 firmware and Nero I don’t know if its because my Toshibia SD-3755 dvd player is picky or what, but it seems most movies I’ve burned occasionally skip/lock up.

After running a disc quality check and comparing it to others in the forum, I think there is something wrong with either my burner or media. It seems that the slower I burn, the better the quality is. When I tried 16x, there was a ton of errors, according to the quality scan. The pic below is from a 8x burn.

Do I need to get different media, slow down the burning or what?

I think you need to try different media… some Taiyo Yuden TYG02 will likely give you excellent results for -R.

Where would I get those at a reliable dealer? Newegg doesn’t carry that brand, nor have I ever seen it in stores.

If you go to this thread, you will find a lot of 99% burns of TYG 02:

Hmmmmm. Scan the disk again at 8x (you have Maximum). 8x is the standard on a BenQ, though I can’t remember if it even can scan faster than that. Could make a very big difference.

However. That is not a bad burn really. Could be better, but I think you’ll find it’s a combination of the media and the scan speed, and not the drive. 95 is a pretty good score.

Well the 8x read really didn’t make much difference.

This last scan looks worse… you have excessive PIF. That is likely the reason you are seeing playback problems. I really suggest trying different media.

Nothing wrong with both scans. They are within ECMA standards. However Dalen suggestion to try different media is also a good suggestion.

IMO, there are few possible reasons:

  • Your Toshiba SD-3755 is somewhat picky although from it says that it can play all kind of media. Try +R with bitset to DVD-ROM using QSuite/Quikee’s WOPC Tools --> Booktype, or try other -R such as Taiyo Yuden.
  • The way you en/decode in Nero. Try other such as DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter.

Please report back.

delete. oops

Yep, crossg, the “max” scan said it reached 8.34x, but the 8x scan reported 8.35x. I’ve noticed this odd occurence with CDSpeed, where the ‘slower’ scan will report a slightly higher speed at disk’s end, but I have NO idea why it happens. However, I’ve noticed the “max” scan consistently shows less errors (I think someone said because it basically ‘passes over them’ or doesn’t ‘see them’ like a slower speed or the speed the burner is expecting to read at would) on DVD scans than the 8x…

Hehe. Not sure what what I was looking at so I dedided to delete my post and your post popped up.:stuck_out_tongue: Not sure what to make of that because when you set it for 16x it reads at 16x.:confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean change the booktype for my DVD-R TDK media to DVD+R ? Will that work? I thought -r media was physically different than +r.

He meant use DVD+R media and have it bitset to dvd-rom. DVD-R can’t be changed to +R nor can it be bitset to dvd-rom (in nearly all cases and I don’t believe the Benq can do it anyways)

Bitsetting DVD+R to DVD-ROM can help the player handle the media better.

The scans look ugly but disks with worse scans should play fine. I would try Taiyo Yuden + or -. Would also use DVDDecrypter to burn from an ISO. DVD shrink is still useful as it allows you to create an ISO that DVDdecrypter can burn. I don’t know why but I “always” get a better scan when burning from an ISO

I have the BenQ 162I External DVD Burner for a couple of months now and am extremely happy with it.
The first thing I did was contact their customer support in Irvine California and they advised me that the Media that had been tested and worked successfully was R+ Maxell, Sony, TDK and Imation.
They told me to check for the firmware that was on my unit , which I did and it was uptodate and the directed me to their siteMy Website

When I went to the site they advised me to go to Click on USA and go to software patch and find the Book Type Management exe. which is there and then put it on m desktop as a short cut.
Now each time before I burn I insure that the book type management which I have set permanently in ROM is minimized to my task bar as if you Exit it, it converts to whatever was in it before and it may not have been ROM.

There is also a tool on that site that checks to see what your firmware is.

At least for my particular model I have had no coasters out of 60 and use either Maxell or Sony R+, the former I got a real good deal on and used the DVD Identifier tool before I went out and purchased 160.
As far as the Ty Media went, up in Canada they don’t carry it in stores and I don’t internet shop for media and also BenQ advised that this particular brand had not been tested as they had found that there were some imposters out there in internet sales. I like to have the product in my hand when i buy it, but i admire the experienced who know where to go and purchase it.
For the time being I simply will stick with what works for me.
We have 5 different brands of standalone dvd players in our family and since I burn all in DVD ROM my backups play on all of them without problems.
Of course I use Any DVD to look after the Protection issue problems, and as well I use Shrink or Clone DVD whichever suits my needs at the time.
Just thought I would add some of my experiences to date.
Cheers. The phone number for BenQ support in California is free and very good, they are open 6 am - 6 pm M0n - Fri and are at 1-866-600-2367.
They were exceptionally helpful to me!
Good Luck!!


Well I finally got myself some Taiyo DVD+R 8x discs from Plopped one in and attempted to burn at 16x.

There goes one dvd in the garbage. Tried again at 8x.

Hey it worked this time and way better results. Finally!

Nice burn at 8x (score of 98). Well…you could always just burn at 8x. :slight_smile: Frankly, I only burn at 8x and only use TY media. I test each with CDSpeed and over 100 burns and counting, I’ve yet to have a burn fall below a score of 96. Most are 98 and 99.

Now, it plays fine in your Toshiba player?

Don’t know. Thats at my parents house 450 miles away.