BenQ 1620, led always on when disc inside



I have a bulk 1620. Whenever there’s a disc in the drive, even if I’m not doing anything to it, the green led stays on all the time. The disc is warm when I take it out. Judging by the [lack of] noise, the disc is not spinning at high speeds, but since it’s warm I have to assume it is spinning. Nero DriveSpeed and InfoTool detect 4x (5540 KBps) as the lowest read speed possible, so I’m going to guess it’s doing 4x.

Has anybody else got this? Is it a feature or a bug? Sure, I appreciate the fact that I can access the disc instantly all the time, and since it’s at the lowest speed I guess it won’t be any harm. I wonder about the power consumption however. Why doesn’t spindown ever occur?


The led stays on green with a disk in the drive and turns red while burning. Doing a search on this forum will lead you to an answer. Enjoy your new benq


Thanks for the answer. I did search, but apparently I didn’t choose my keywords well enough.

OK, so it’s a feature. Any chance there’s a way to turn it off? :slight_smile:


I heard a big hammer or a drop from a tall building will do the trick :wink:
So far noone has mentioned a way to turn it off besides the obvious above


You can use a piece of tape to cover it up…LOL…or just dont put anything in the drive…LOL just kidding…no way to turn it off


When you insert a CD/DVD in your drive it will spin for some time at a low speed. By default, my BenQ will spin for 4 minutes before stopping. This can be changed by using some tools like Nero DriveSpeed.

This tool can also limit the maximum read speed of your drive if you want it to be quieter.

Have fun with your BenQ!

Oh, and the best way to remove the green LED always on when a disc is inside is to put some electrical tape over it! :stuck_out_tongue:

studmonkey76 was faster than me on this one!


Just wanted to be another to say that when any media is in the drive (DW1620), the green led will shine constant, so your drive is working properly. When the drive is reading the media then the green led will blink and when it is writing to the media it will turn red and blink. I know this will sound stupid but I wish my ND3500 would do this too.


Exactly, CompFreek. I meant it when I said “always”. I know about the spindown times and I used Nero DriveSpeed with success with other drives. With 1620 it doesn’t work. Also, hdparm under Linux clearly reports that setting the drive’s standby time is impossible: “HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(setidle1) failed”.

So, coulikof, in 1620’s case any spindown value means nothing. If there’s a disk inside, it will spin forever.

I will probably learn to appreciate this feature in time. As I said, the instant access to the disc is a nice thing, so is the ability to tell you’ve forgot a disc inside by the led being on. I wonder why it’s not advertised more.


I think most will agree that it’s annoying when you consider most drives don’t have this. (“This is not something I’m used to!”) :wink:

If not that, then it would be nicer if it were a multicolour LED, or LED array that shone through a refractor to that little rectangle, and had a different colour for “disk present”.

Blue would be nice. :slight_smile:


This is wierd… mine does not act like this… I did not try hdparm, but I should look.


Hmm, I can feel the vibration of the disc spinning all the time as well.

Beyond Nero, is there a way to turn it off? (My electricity bill is already high) :slight_smile:


That would be cool!


How do you do it with Nero?


Dunno, I was only referring to you and others trying that…


you need to use a little app named NeroDrive Speed.

Once you started it, it will be in the notification area of the taskbar. Just right-click and launch. Go directly to options, then mark launch at startup, then OK.

You now are able in the main window to set the maximum read speed and the spin down time, which is 4 minutes on mine.

Have fun.

The application is part of Nero Toolkit.


I just burned a data cd with my Benq DW1620 and noticed that the status LED flashed yellow and green for a second then went back to red. It did this about every 30 seconds. Is this normal?


That sounds like the buffer in action.

How much free disk space do you have? You may need to set the cache settings (Nero) higher if you have plenty.

Could be RAM too I guess, but I know when I ever burned backups due to low disk space, the burn would take longer, and the led would flash as Nero kept rebuffering.


I’ve never seen the yellow light on my BenQ 1620 only green and red.


Same here.


Thanks for the reply’s!

I have a 200GB(105GB free)hard drive and 1GB of ram, so I don’t think thats it. Whats a good number to set in Nero’s cache? What does the yellow light even mean?