BenQ 1620 keeps messing up

I got a BenQ 1620 not too long ago and I’ve only been able to burn 2 DVDs. I’ve had to scrap the rest because the burner just stops writing at random and then I end up having to restart the computer. Is there a setting I need to change or did I get a crappy burner.


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Not enough info-you need to tell us what your system is, which operating system and what media you are using with MID code-

Then - someone may be able to help-


Try 4X speed and use quality Made in Japan DVD+R media.

I have the BenQ 162I and had problems with it when I installed the software that was sent with it.

This is the BenQ external burner for a notebook.

I uninstalled the software titled “BENQ”, DVD Rewriter Software Disc (Ver. 1.1)

It had Sonic Record Now in there for the burning of CD’s and Intervideo Win Cinema for the dvd’s as well as the " Book management. "

After I got the software uninstalled and used my Reg Supreme cleaner and did a search for “Benq” in my search program and made certain nothing was left behind I simply use my own 1 Click Copy dvd program that I bought off the internet before I bought the burner along with DVD 43 Free and everything is now fine. I really like this 1 Click Copy Dvd Program that was $59 US and got the platinum award this year and is user friendly for me a newbie to all of this. It was recommended to me by a “newbie” friend."

i playback using the regular Intervideo Win Dvd that came with the notebook just to see if it was a successful burn before I watch it on my player.

To check your Benq 1620 first to see if it is reading, Go to " my computer " and do a right click on the Burner, in my case it is"F" and then open it.
When I was using their software when I did this and had burning problems it kept telling me to “insert Blank Disk”. It was ridiculous as I had a disc in there.

The software drove me crazy, but using my own programs listed above resolved my problem.

Phone their Support which is in Irvine California and is now 3:30 pm and I believe they are open until 6:30 pm. They are very good.

My first burner I had to flash from their global site as my firmware was out of date and when I did this I had problems and Benq said if the store that I bought it from doesn’t take it back and give me a new one, they would.
The number is 1-866-600-2367. The Global Site is recommended by their Support as being the Most Up to date in preference to clicking on your country.

Their site to check for firmware updates for your unit is then click on Global>products>DVD Rewriter>model>firmware upgrade>DVD Rewriter>firmware>Product(DVD Rewriter)>Application/Driver(Firmware) and select your operating system and your 1620 model if there is new firmware listed for it.

Before you do all of this I would phone BenQ and speak to their support and explain the problem.
And ask them to send you the Firmware Tool Detection exe. zip Link and extract the files and open it and it will give you the firmware number on your burner and then go to the Global site that I listed above and see if there is updated firmware. The Support people will likely ask you what your firmware is and it is beside your model name.

My original burner was made in September 2004 and the one I just got was made in January 2005 and is working fine Without the Software that comes with it.

The best feature that Benq has is the "Book Management " where your DVD+RW DVD +R , DVD +R DL Disc can be modified to write in DVD Rom.

You don’t have to have any of their software installed to do this.

Have BenQ send the Book Management exe. command link to you and then unzip it and extract the files and create a Shortcut to your desk top.

When you burn I open up this Shortcut make sure BenQ is your Burner in the Drop Down at the top and click “Check Drive” and then Click on modify until all my “Current Book Writing Types” are in DVD-Rom and then Don’t Exit the window, Minimize it to your task bar otherwise it goes back by Default to your CD/RW if you have one. Then I burn with my program 1 Click Dvd Copy and DVD 43 Free and once finished I then Click on the Book Management in the Task Bar and Close/Exit it.
I find if I don’t do that, then I can’t check with my Intervideo Win Dvd if it burned properly as the Intervideo does not want to work with the Book Management still in my Task Bar.

I believe the original problem with my Burner was that it did not have the current firmware and was made in Sept 2004 and then I went and installed their Software which gave me headaches, and had to flash their firmware and then I also used Kodak and Memorex media which they do not recommend.
All told there were a number of issues that combined to cause me problems.
The media that I was using caused problems that you describe and stopped when I switched to Maxell.

I sent away several of my dvd’s all burned in DVD Rom and everyone was able to view them from a dvd player that was from when they were originally introduced, and even a unknown brand model to players that were within a few months to a year old.

Also I should say that like LG support advised me when I was looking at their burner as well and as well Sony their support all advised the use of Maxell, TDK, Imations, and Sony Media otherwise there can be problems and I did encounter this with Memorex and Kodak.
Maxell works great the R+ and that is what I am using. I got them at a good price and so I will stick with them as my family really enjoyed the dvd’s that I sent.

I hope that some of this may help you.


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You could have saved yourself a ton of time by doing a search of your problem or by going to the BenQ Forum on this site. Most people are well aware of the Bit stting but thanks for the monster thread anyways. I might suggest that in regards to Memorex disks that they have now gone over to Moser Baer media which is very good. You can identify this by the UPC stating Made in India. Check it out, it’s great media. Hey Mike… What the hell kind of Avatar do you call that. Satches??? Ha Ha

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I’ve got a P4 at 2.8 with the benq, some random dvd-rom, 80 gb. However, my problem is not that the dvd writer doesn’t recognize the blank dvd, but that stops writing for no reason in the middle of whatever. I usually use DVD Shrink or DVD decrypter

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My problem as I said was a multitude of issues, however…the Bad Media…Kodak and Memorex were the culprits…demonstrated by Maxell working as suggested by BenQ. My notebook quit with the first brands and also froze with bad audio. With Maxell it was fine.

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No wrappers to tear off. Just look at the UPC label and it will be noted there. In most cases, it’s below the actual UPC.

Did you check the jumper setting. My 1620 came with the jumper set to Master. Changed to “cable select” (CM) and the drive is working great.