BenQ 1620 jitters

Hi folks
New guy here. Just bought my first dvd burner. Wow! Happy boy :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a BenQ 1600 with upgraded firmware already installed to DD DW1620.

We have just burned our first video programs. It’s only 5’.30" long but on some of the media have stutters in it.
We are using Verbatim -R media, 1x-4x speed. Comes in a spindle of 25. We are burning at 2.4x speed, the lowest I can go. In my research abot the 1620 I read that it is particular what -R media to use and that Verbatim was a good choice yet we still have the stutters.
The burn is being done through Sony Vegas, using Architect v2.

Can you shed some light on why this stuttering might be happening. The computer is an AMD 1800 with a gig of ram and heaps of drive space. Nothing else is running during the burn.

Sorry if I sound a bit vague, I am on the big learning curve right now.

Hey one other thing - this firmware I have, is it the most up to date?


have you tried burning @4x
and no slower doesnt always equal better

Latest benq 1620 firmware is B7P9 idhazza.

@idhazza: welcome to the forum.

The latest fw B7P9 can be downloaded here

By stuttered do you mean the video skips or choppy? You might want to flash with the latest firmware above and see how it goes. You might also want to try burning in a +R media so you’ll get DVD-ROM bitsetting, hence increase compatibility for home dvdplayer. I sense it’s probably a compatibilty issue with your dvdplayer.

By the way, for us, brand name (Verbatim, TDK, Fuji) is quite meaningless, we usually refer to Media ID (MID) for example MCC003 (Verbatim 8x +R), RICOHJPN, YUDEN000-T02 etc. You can see the MID with DVD Identifier, download for free here
To give you an idea of MIDs and the quality of them please visit here

I’m a bit curious, how does the price and availability of blank dvd media (+ and -) in where you live? Is it difficult to find them? For reference, here in the US we can get (approximately):
Verbatim 8x +R 50pack MCC003 $30
Verbatum 16x +R 25pack MCC004 $20-25
Fuji 8x +R 50pack YUDEN000-T02 $30
On average we can get 40-60 cents or around Rp.5000 per disk (correct me!) :bigsmile:

Burn it at 4x, there’s a know issue with burning - media at 2.4x with the BenQ. Next time go with + media, since it bookmarks to DVD-ROM there shouldn’t be a compatibility issue.

Thanks for the replies and the links - I am impressed.

To answer some questions -
The jitter is a temporary video freeze, then it moves on. It’s not happening much, only once for a couple of seconds, then everything is fine. On three of the five burns the stutter is in different positions.

I will try the +R media and firstly deal with the firmware. Holidays start today so the place is a mad house and a lot of shops are closed. I had better hurry.

The first media I bought cost Rp9,000 which is just under USD1.00

Incidentally I had set a bit rate of 8,000 for the burn of this 5 1/2 minute video. Is that appropriate or should it be higher/lower?

More later and thanks again to everyone.

That is quite expensive for a 4x media especially if they are in 25pack spindle.
8000 kbps is high quality so it should be fine.

Which +R media to buy?
Should I be buying a brand name or is a noname ok?
For this first attempt I had better go for the brand I think.

I’m about to check out for answers - thanks to zevia.


To be safe you can try Verbatim which is one of the top media manufacturer.
Here in the US we can go to a store, pick a brand name media such as Verbatim, Fuji, TDK etc, and check the MID at home, if it turns out not a good one, we can return it back.

Glad you said Verbatim cos a friend is now at a shop getting the +R x 4 times media for me.
Thats all they have in the shop anyway!

Over here…you would never get your money back for a bad batch. I could say plenty more but I had better not. Offline maybe.

Read the thread on media types at the site you recommended…they all seem to point to -R as the best way to go, so why is everyone here suggesting +R media?
I also see in the image gallery section that all media tersted is -R.


When it freezes like you’re describing, it could be the bit rate you’re mentioning, but it’s more likely do to a high error rate due to the speed that you’re buring. In this case you’re burning to0 slow at 2.4x for - media, normally it’s due to buring too fast.